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Festive Quest

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Are you ready to take on the Festive Quest? Get your team together and complete the festive challenges to emerge victorious!


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2.5-3 hours




Are you ready to take on the Festive Quest? This exciting and festive event is absolutely packed full of fun and Chirstmassy challenges, all guaranteed to get your team in the holiday spirit!

Festive Quest is the perfect activity for any and all holiday Team Building events! Whether you’re looking for an afternoon activity before your big Christmas Party, or just want a quick festive icebreaker, this event works for everything! In groups of 5-8, you will need to use your very best communication and teamwork skills to take on the various challenges in a bid to earn as many festive points as you can! Creativity is key in this quest.

All challenges are festive-themed and can include up to five of the following:

BIG PianoIf you’ve seen the Tom Hanks film Big, you’ll remember the giant piano. Teams can have a go themselves and learn to play We Wish You A Merry Christmas on our own giant piano!

Jingle BellsTest your co-ordination by learning to play a Christmas tune as a team using hand bells

Tree-mendousSimply follow instruction from your teammates to assemble and decorate a Christmas tree! The catch? You have to do it blindfolded!

Christmas CakeDesign and decorate your teams Christmas Cake using a variety of materials and tools provided

Brain FreezersWork together to solve festive themed puzzles including a Present Pyramid anf Christmas Robbin’ mystery game

Jolly JumpersWith a plain jumper and some fabric pens, see which team can design the ugliest Christmas jumper!

Balloon ModellingEver wanted to learn to make balloon animals? Now you can so you can create balloon reindeers, Santas and sleighs!

ReindeerSounds elusive but teams must make the tallest reindeer they can using only newspaper and sticky tape.

Christmas FairyIf you’ve decorated the tree, it’s time for the Christmas fairy as you design and create a fairy outfit out of recycled materials

Space / Venue Requirements

  • A large indoor space (ideally a large meeting or conference space)
  • Tables and chairs for participants
  • Access to 13 amp plug socket

Included in the Experience

  • Event Host and Instructors
  • Activity Equipment
  • Team packs and stationary
  • Public Liability Insurance

Important Information

  • This event is suitable for groups from 20 – 200+
  • Guests can be in teams of 5 – 8 people, even number of teams is required
  • The event duration is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours depending on group size
  • Team will require one hour set up time so will need venue access
  • Challenges may vary according to availability, group size or suitability to event / venue

Booking and Cancellation Terms

Full payment is required upon booking. If you then choose to cancel your event, your entitlement to a refund depends on the amount of notice you give us.

  • More than 52 weeks 100%
  • From 13 up to and including 52 weeks 75%
  • From 43 days up to and including 12 weeks 50%
  • From zero business days up to and including 42 business days 0% (no refund of Charges)
Festive Quest

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