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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team!

Ever wondered who the friendly voices are when you pick up the phone to us? You’ve arrived at the right place. Come on, Meet the Team!


Daniel O’Sullivan (nickname: Dano, Bossman)

Favourite Quote = “Sleep faster” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Boss Dan
Member of the Team since June 2012

I run things around here. The big boss. I am a fan of some sports. Particularly, football. I have continued supporting Swindon Town FC throughout the years. Another sport I enjoy is Hockey.

One of my favourite events that we hold on our website has definitely got to be The Office Games. There is so much variety in the games that, I guess you could ask… What’s not to love?

My most prized possessions are: For starters, my kids Alfie and Tommy, And then of course, my beloved pup, Charlie.

My favourite place in the world is Vancouver.

I would definitely be described as a very dedicated and calm person.

I enjoy watching war films.

Finally, my three biggest fears have got to be spiders, snakes and insects. Generic? I know.


Daniel Neale (nickname: Disco Dan, DJ Dan)

Favourite Quote = “Accept that some days you are the pigeon, some days you are the statue” ~ David Brent

Dan Neale

Member of the Team since January 2021

I am the Creative Events Director, Creator and Master of some of our most popular events. I enjoy colouring, playing Rocket League and also producing music.

My favourite event that I have held is The Office Games as it was the first live event I created!

My most prized possession has got to be my computer. Without it… we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. I also collect guitars and pedals and am slowly building a home studio.

My favourite place in the world has to be Florida.

Three words my friends may describe me as are creative, maybe a bit weird and fun.

My favourite movie genre has to be Sci-fi.

My biggest fears are: going bald, wasps, and chainsaws.


Sophie Burrows (nickname: Soph)

Favourite Quote = “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things” ~ Tyrion Lannister

Sophie Burrows

Member of the Team since June 2019

I am the Events Director, so when you send enquiries through, I am the one controlling most aspects of your event behind the scenes.

My favourite parts of life are reading, Game of Thrones, and playing with my four cats!

My favourite event is either Sports Day or Crystal Challenge, I couldn’t possibly pick!

My most prized possession has got to be my adorable four cats; Buffy, Sansa, April and Rudy.

My favourite place in the world is Sheffield, nowhere could compare to the city which brought us the Arctic Monkeys and Sean Bean.

I think I would be described as a funny, loyal and caring person but also annoying.

I absolutely love a war film as they are always super tense and full of action (Fury is the absolute best in my opinion).

My biggest fear is ghosts! Not Patrick Swayze though.


Laura Kelly (nickname: Knoxy)

Favourite Quote = “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” ~ Buddy The Elf

Laura Kelly

Member of the Team since October 2021

I am the Managing Director at TBE and you’ll also find me organising corporate events and on the phone with clients on a regular basis!

I love to travel – you can guarantee I will be away somewhere on all days of annual leave. I also love weekends catching up with friends over a glass or two.

My favourite TBE event we offer is The Office Games – such a fun event and something for everyone, perfect for all types of team events.

My most prized possessions are my two baby doggies – Emmie and Bailey hands down but I also have a love for my garden bar and Hot Tub for those summer nights.

My favourite place in the world has to be Santorini where I got married and had a fantastic couple of weeks with all of our family and friends, but take me anywhere with sunshine and warmth and I’m happy.

I would definitely be described as not afraid to stand up for what I believe in, I am also extremely dedicated and determined.

My favourite movie genre is Christmas movies all the way but only from October onwards of course!

My biggest fear is losing the people I love.


Sam Green (nickname: IT Support, Kitchen Monitor)

Sam Green

Favourite Quote = “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else” ~ Ru Paul Charles
Member of the Team since September 2016

I am the Marketing Director at TBE so I’m in charge of managing our website content, our social media, keeping our customers up to date through emails and making sure you know who we are!

My favourite hobbies are keeping fit with at home workouts but I also love gaming, particularly RPG games.

My favourite TBE event is Crystal Challenge. I love the variety in the games and think it’s the perfect team building event as there’s something for everyone!

My most prized possessions are my cat Ru Paul, my dumbbells and also my PS5. Without any of those, life just wouldn’t be worth living.

My favourite place in the world is Florida. There’s no place more magical and I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of happy memories there!

My friends and colleagues would probably describe me as laid back, nice and helpful I hope! I’m often the go-to for any technical problems in the office hence the nickname IT Support!

I love all kinds of movies but I do like a mix of thrillers, fantasy and drama. With that being said, my favourite films are Drop Dead Fred, Hook and Pitch Perfect.

My biggest fears are letting people down but I’m also not a fan of snakes and spiders!


Kyra Johnson

Favourite Quote = “I’m lovin’ it” ~ McDonalds

Kyra Johnson

Member of the Team since May 2022

I’m an Events Manager so you’ll find me travelling around the country on events making sure everything runs smoothly.

My favourite hobbies are reading and television. I’ve just finished Pride and Prejudice, both the book and the film!

My favourite TBE event is Sports Day. I can’t wait for the sun to come out as it’s such great fun to watch and run.

My most prized possession is my car.

I don’t have a particularly favourite place but I love to tick cities off on our events map.

I think I would be described as fun and reliable.

My favourite movie genre is comedy, I like films which are nice and easy to watch.

My biggest fears are heights and public speaking. Ironic seeing as I enjoy seeing large groups in a team building event!


Marie-Ann Sharman

Favourite Quote = “Good things come to those who wait” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Marie-Ann Sharman

Member of the Team since September 2023

I’m an Events Manager so I’m always on events, running production alongside event hosts and travelling around the country!

Outside of work, I’m a massive fan of Formula One. My favourite F1 team is McLaren.

My favourite TBE event is our VR Event, Casa Deniro. I was a big fan of Money Heist when it was on TV so I think our event is super immersive and fun.

My most prized possession is my nanny necklace which is very sentimental.

My favourite place in the whole entire world is the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

I’m sure others would describe me as kind, caring and a bit strange haha.

I enjoy watching comedy films over any other genre.

My biggest fears are spiders and heights, you would never catch me on ‘I’m a Celeb!’


James Witvliet (nickname: Jim, Jimmy)

Favourite Quote = “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift.” ~ Master Oogway

James Witvliet Headshot

Member of the Team since July 2023

I’m a Corporate Sales Executive at TBE so I’m one of the first, friendly voices you may hear when you give us a call.

Outside of work, I love football. I love coaching and I can’t wait to get back to playing once I’m cleared after my recent knee surgery.

My favourite TBE event is definitely Betrayers. I am a big fan of the Traitors TV series, and it is the first event showcase I have done and it was very fun, even though I was murdered!

My most prized possession is my Gaming PC for sure!

My favourite place has to be my hometown Hull – home of Hull City! (Or Greece on holiday).

Others have described me as very calm, friendly and entertaining to be around. I’ve also been described as a great singer and dancer (agents sign me up!)

My favourite movies have to be either horror or science fiction/fantasy. My favourite film series is of course LOTR and my individual film would be Interstellar.

When it comes to my biggest fears, I wouldn’t want to fight a grizzly bear 1v1. Either that or a really gruesome death!


Charlie O’Sullivan (nickname: our best friend!)


Member of the Team since June 2021

Attention! Charlie’s turn on this Meet the Team blog! I am the company’s Head of Mischief and biggest Bundle of Love. I am a big hug-lover. I love to cheer up my fellow colleagues and I always bring some smiles into the office when I walk in. Unsurprisingly, I enjoy having lots of attention, eating, having plenty of walks, along with occasionally chewing up the internet cables! I am always on top when it comes to being the cutest on the team!