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The Warm Welcome Box

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The warm welcome pack is not just for the winter but a great selection of products that will be usable all year round in the UK.


The warm welcome pack contains items suitable for the colder climate but useful all times of the year. The UK weather is never guaranteed and as we know the cold summer days can be as challenging as the cold season.

Providing the warm welcome pack to your new starts allows their first day to be cosy and comfortable as they head into the office or work from home they can use their notebook in the induction meeting. A branded hoody, beanie and coffee to go tumbler will make the commute or walk in between meetings comfortable and just in case it rains they can use their new foldable umbrella.

Warm Welcome Pack

Plain Mailer Box with Branded Sticker – Biodegradable and recyclable mailer box that includes your logo branded on the top of the box.

A5 Notebook – Practical and handy notebook in A5 format. With approx. 80 sheets/160 pages of cream coloured, hard cover, elastic band and silk ribbon.

Coffee to Go Tumbler (160ml) – The day is often started with a hot drink, our coffee to go tumbler enables beverages to be kept warm for up to 3 hours with cold drinks keeping cool for up to 6 hours. Thanks to its height, this cup fits under almost all standard household coffee machines.

Foldable Mini Umbrella – This foldable mini umbrella is an ideal branded product that is useful in all seasons.

Beechfield Heritage Beanie – Double layer knitted beanie is an excellent warm accessory for when the weather is cold.

Hooded Sweatshirt – Quality double lined hoody that is available in 36 colours.


Estimated pricing:

From £65.00* per pack for 250 boxes,

From £75.00* Per Pack for 100 boxes,

From £87.00* per pack for 50 boxes,

From £100.00* per pack for 25 boxes

*Based on a one colour logo, additional colour logo’s will alter the estimated price per box.

Included in the Experience

Bring to life the excitement of starting a new job, attending an event or as a new client with a message from the CEO/MD, Directors etc.

We offer personalised message cards that enable the gifter to interreact with the giftee via either a video or voice message accessed via a QR code or through a personalised message displayed on their card.

• Branded message card with either video or voice message accessed via a QR code
• Branded message card with personalised message

Personalised Welcome Card

Important Information

Posting your new employee welcome boxes!

Your boxes once ready can either be sent to one location for you to distribute or we can store them in our warehouse and distribute them as and when required. We can post domestically or internationally.

We will need a vector file to print your logo onto your products!

A vector file is an art file that allows us to scale your logo to any size without distorting your logo or artwork. With jpeg imagery, your image will look wide or expanded when you stretch each side.

The great thing about vector files is that you can expand the artwork allowing it to scale accordingly. Vector files are essential to getting your swag made because they ensure the integrity of your logo.

Keep in mind that all swag is different. Imprint methods and sizes vary based on each item. Vector files are great because they allow us to create swag without having unique logo sizes. Other standard vector files are ai. or pdf files and both are acceptable.

NOTE: just because the file ends in ai or pdf does not guarantee it will be a vector!

How long after our order will you receive your boxes?

At this moment, there are current pressures on global supply chains. However, in general unbranded products are ready to ship within 3-7 days and branded products between 7-21 days.

The Warm Welcome Box

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Who are is the sister brand of  Team Building Experiences, they provide branded employee welcome boxes for new hires. A WOW factor for your onboarding experience that creates positive energy for your new hire and an instagrammable unboxing experience.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

The majority of our products are available for orders of 25 or more packs but enquire for case by case pricing. We do offer specific products that are available for 10 or more employee welcome boxes if required for small orders.

Do you offer other branded products?

Yes, we have a large range of items that can be branded with your company logo or message.

Branded products are one of the best ways of showcasing your company to new employees, existing employees, clients or for events. If you have an idea of an item you would like branded let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll be sure to find it.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We can ship to any location worldwide. Rates vary depending on size and weight. We can assist you in finding the best method to get your corporate gifts across the globe.

Can I order individual items instead of a welcome box?

Yes! Many clients place bulk orders for individual items instead of packs.

Do you offer storage? If so how much does it cost?

A small order of welcome packs take up lots of space, we provide safe and secure storage in our fully insured warehouse.

We offer a low cost solution of £1+VAT per pack, per calendar month that will be billed quarterly.

As an example a pack that is stored from Jan 10th – March 05th would incur a charge of £3+VAT as we charge per calendar month.

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