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The Enigma Project

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We have a variety of experiences to explore with our new Enigma Project! Choose from axe throwing to to Safe Cracking to rotate around! It'll touch on an array of skills and bring out different hobbies in your colleagues! You'll even touch on a set of spy skills if you choose to – bring out your inner James Bond!


Mobile – Nationwide


From 3 hours


10+ people


The Enigma Project can be run absolutely anywhere in the world, and has been run for group sizes from 10, all the up to 1000 participants. We also have the choice of either a half day option (3 hours),  or a full day (6 hours) and is comprised of a series of short spy-related challenges (6 activities for a half day or 12 for a full day).

Groups will be split into approximately 10 people, and will each rotate around your selected activities. Throughout the day, teams will be competing to win as many ‘Spy Dollars’ as they possibly can. After your time is up, the team with the most Spy Dollars will be crowned the champions and each member will receive a winning trophy!

Some of our most popular activities to choose from are as below:

  • Axe Throwing – After a short period of instruction, each agent will test their throwing skills, using specially made axes and wooden targets. Always under expert supervision! Subject to venue approval and suitability.
  • Code Breaking – A 15-minute challenge where agents decipher a series of cryptic clues to work out the correct sequence of wires to disconnect on an electronic ‘bomb’. Tension builds as the agents work against the digital clock and its relentless ticking.
  • Safe Cracking – Only the best secret agents can crack a safe open under pressure. Teams will need to work fast to find the combinations and gain the spy dollars inside for their reward.
  • Minefield Breach – Teams have to successfully negotiate their blindfolded colleagues through a minefield, is there enough trust for your colleagues to do this successfully, and with accurate and clear communication?!
  • Pistol Draw – The team undergo training in how to properly hold and aim a pistol, the secret agents weapon of choice. Using our training weapons, our instructors will help to improve the speed of the draw, firing positions, and teach the new agents left from right! All the training culminates in a ‘fastest draw’ competition to find the Jason Bourne of the group!
  • Thunderball – The ‘toxic waste’ must be transported as slowly and carefully as possible to a controlled storage container. More dollars are available for extra tricks, twists, and turns.

The Enigma Project is especially popular as it has an element of competition to bring the best (and worst!) out of everyone, it’s really engaging as each challenge is only 15-20 minutes. It will touch on many different skill sets, so gives everyone in the group and chance to shine (and earn some spy dollars!)

Space / Venue Requirements

  • Space required will depend on activity
  • We will require parking at your venue, and power for a PA System (especially for groups over 20)
  • If you are able to get any images of the space you have booked, we are more than happy to check what can be done here
  • We will need permission from the venue for some activities to be done

Included in the Experience

  • 1 Specially-trained, expert Instructor
  • Event coordinator
  • All equipment required
  • Pre-event management

Important Information

  • This experience can be run indoors and outdoors, however, please note depending on the space provided, we might not be able to give as large of a selection of the choices

Booking and Cancellation Terms

Full payment is required upon booking. If you then choose to cancel your event, your entitlement to a refund depends on the amount of notice you give us.

  • More than 52 weeks 100%
  • From 13 up to and including 52 weeks 75%
  • From 43 days up to and including 12 weeks 50%
  • From zero business days up to and including 42 business days 0% (no refund of Charges)
The Enigma Project

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Where in the country can this be delivered to?

This activity can be delivered anywhere nationwide, so as long as you have your own venue (and permissions from them) we can come along!

What are the venue requirements for this activity?

This will entirely depend on which activities you choose. We always say, the more space the better! We will also need parking at the venue, as we have lots of equipment to unload. If you do have images of the space, we can then tell you what can and can’t be delivered in this space.

How far in advance do we need to book The Enigma Project?

To put it simply, as far in advance as possible. We do have a limited number of set-ups meaning we can only perform so many each day in each location. Get in touch as soon as you are ready to book!

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