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How to choose what goes inside of your corporate gifts?


“How to choose what’s going inside my corporate gifts?” is definitely a tough question to answer, but we’re here to help you. Gifting colleagues can certainly be a difficult task on its own, especially when you have to choose what goes inside them. Some places often give you the opportunity to make the box bespoke (I know we have a few!) but sometimes it’s difficult to know if you dont know them that well and you don’t want to spoil the surprise!

If your corporate gifting task is a secret, and you’re not sure how to know what to put in them, we have the perfect list to help guide you into the right path!

1. Pick common favourites

I mean, things like chocolate and sweets are a pretty common thing in gifting, and is probably your safest bet. Of course, its a good idea to ensure the people you are gifting have no allergies, but if you need to ask that question, just pretend it’s to ensure there are no products coming into their building that may set them off!

2. Try to sus out what they eat at the annual Christmas party

I know, I know, probably not good to bring up Christmas yet. But maybe this is a great opportunity for you to figure out your colleagues favourites! Maybe Margaret has a soft touch for pickles, or Gary loves his cheese… we don’t know! But its a great way to see what they like. Even if you don’t remember what they had, you can always bring it up in the odd conversation; “What did you eat at the Christmas Party?” “Was it nice?” Obviously, maybe don’t bring this up in June, but if it’s a nearby time to the Christmas Party, it’s still relevant!

3. Something memorable

That’s right! People are more likely to want to use something or havce something if its memorable. Try putting something in a bit different! What about that time Angie did the splits at the 5-year anniversary? Maybe you should put something in to remind her of the kinda funny, kinda strange time! She’ll certainly have a chuckle when she opens it – go and get creative with this one!

4. Snacks and Drinks

Us humans sure do love our food and drink. If we have the choice to go to any place, the majority of us would say a restaurant, with nice food and a good drink too, over a library or somewhere similar. So, ditch the old notebook nobody ends up using, and give them, luxury snacks and drinks! Just be sure to pair them nicely! Psst! Sweet drinks and salty snacks tend to go well…

5. Seasonal Gifts

OH I KNOW, I probably shouldn’t bring Christmas up again. But how could I not when it’s the perfect example? If Easter, Christmas, Halloween or Valenitnes Day are coming up, be seasonal with it! People are more likely to remembr something if its around a specific season! Mince pies and wine for the festive period… tasty!


6. Something personal

No one likes to receive a generic gift. A gift should be personal, classy, and tasteful. When choosing a gift, add an element of personalization to it. This almost links in with the memorable bit, but maybe put something a little different in each box. A favourite snack of theirs maybe?

7. Be generous

We understand companies have budgets, but who wants some cheap pen that runs out after a couple of uses? Certainly not me! Be generous when picking out what’s inside the gift, not just the budget option. The cheapest option is definitely not always the way to go. The recipient is more likely to enjoy something higher quality. Of course, this is not your excuse to break the bank, but maybe a little persuasion will do.

So, now you know the perfect tips for “How to choose what’s going inside my corporate gifts?” so go out, get gifting! PS: You’re welcome!