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When Should You Start Planning A Christmas Party?

when should you start planning a christmas party

When should you start planning a Christmas Party?

If you’re wondering when you should start planning a christmas party, the time is now! It’s that time of year again. Christmas items are popping up in every store you walk into. But why? After all, it’s only September.

Well for most companies, we’re already thinking about Christmas come July, ready for people, just like you, to start planning as early as possible. A lot of companies are even looking as early as May so it’s likely, all the best ideas will be sold out if you leave it too late.

A Christmas Party is something that every company will want to provide to their team this year. It’s the perfect way to reward your staff for all their hard work throughout the year and get into the festive spirit.

in person christmas party

So… why should you plan a Christmas Party so early?

Planning months early can provide you with a stress-free couple of months. This is because planning this early on gives you plenty of time to figure out:

  • Your group size
  • Timings for your event
  • Budget
  • How you would like your event tailored to you and your team
  • Any extra equipment you may need. This could range from a deluxe snack box to wine-tasting kits.

Alongside this, there are immeasurably more flexible booking terms. Deposits can be returned, and event dates can be swapped around. Your booking will also be secured a lot quicker, and small tweaks to your event can be made. You will have substantially more control and your event will therefore be exactly as you expect – high quality. What’s not to love?

With this, there will be fewer misunderstandings between you and one of our Event Managers, meaning you can get the perfect event for you and your team! Your event is also more likely to work with your schedule. If it’s going to counteract with a birthday or something, the quicker you let us know, the likelihood is you’ll be able to avoid a clash.

All this time will give you a chance to build up some excitement within your company, meaning you may be able to get even more people involved in your plans. This means you could even connect and branch out with people that you may not have known so well before! You may even bond better with people you may not have taken a liking to initially!

Planning so early will save you a lot of time in the long run. There will be fewer calls needing to be made, and you don’t have to worry about your event managers being busy with another customer. Nobody wants to be the one ringing people 24/7 trying to just find anything. Your colleagues will be looking forward to their Christmas Work Social and you don’t want to leave it too late.

Christmas Party Ideas

We have so many Christmas Party ideas which are ready to book nice and early so you can guarantee the best availability!

1. Office Games Festive Gameshow

A festive twist on our popular Office Games Gameshow! Bringing the glitz and glamour of TV to you with a full gameshow setup including big screen, charismatic gameshow host and podium buzzers.

2. Festive Four Quarters

A collaborative festive activity featuring four quarters of activities including Santas Workshop (lego building), Present Your Art (create an art masterpiece, Christmas Chorus (recreate a festive music video) and Don’t Sleigh The Egg (creating a sleigh from limited materials). Can you take on the challenge?

festive four quarters

3. Quizmas – The Big Festive Quiz

Battle it out in the ultimate Christmas Quiz with Quizmas, a unique festive quiz game featuring audio and visual elements to enhance your quiz experience. Take each other on in Festive Film rounds, Sleigh My Name Music rounds, Guess The Celebrity Santa picture round and much more!


4. Crimbo Bingo Live

After the success of our virtual Crimbo Bingo, we’ve brought it live! A unique twist on a traditional Christmas Bingo Game, instead of ticking off numbers, you’ll be ticking off songs! Hosted by a professional host who will get your Christmas Spirits up, it’s a party not to be missed.

5. Evening Murder Mystery Entertainment

Whodunnit? Do you know? We don’t know! In our Evening Murder Mystery Entertainment, it will be up to you to find out by talking to live actors and picking up clues. With a variety of themes and bespoke options available, your Christmas Party will have everyone talking for weeks to come.

In short, if you’re wondering when you should start planning a Christmas Party, it’s never too early! Looking for more Christmas Party ideas? You can visit our Christmas Party page or download our Christmas Party Brochure at the button below –

Don’t let Christmas Party planning stress you out. This is what we are here for. We can help you provide your team with a fun event as long as you give us the right amount of time to help you! Be proactive and think ahead – even if it means thinking about Christmas way too early!