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Planning The Perfect Virtual Summer Party: Our Top Tips!

Virtual Summer Party

Still stuck on what to do for your Summer team social? We’ve listed our top tips and best experiences to make sure your Virtual Summer Party is perfect!

So it’s a Friday afternoon, you’re looking forward to your weekend and have been working through your undoubtedly long to-do list. That’s when you stumble upon the bullet point named ‘Book Virtual Summer Party’ and suddenly freak. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

As Virtual Experience Specialists, we know a thing or two about planning a Virtual Summer Party. We’ve got over 80+ experiences listed on our website, so no matter how big or small your team is, whether your team is located in the UK or Africa, we’ll definitely be able to host something for you.


First, let’s take a look at our Top Tips!

1) Set a date & stick to it

Whether you’re planning a party for a team of 10 or a team of 100, picking a date that is suitable for most will be one of the hardest things. It doesn’t matter if the schedule looks clear for everyone, it’s inevitable that people will drop out due to other committments or simply, life will just get in the way. You won’t be able to please everyone so don’t keep moving your event date around, especially if booking with short notice – virtual events still get booked up! We recommend scheduling the event date 3 months in advance.

2) Set your budget

Working out what you can afford will help you understand which virtual activities you can realistically do. We have experiences that can be as cheap as £10 per person but we also sell more premium experiences that can start at £100 per person! It’s best not to promise your staff something you cannot accommodate.

3) Decide what you want to achieve from your Virtual Summer Party

If you know what your desired outcome is, it will make choosing the right activity a lot easier. Some of our clients want their teams to bond or network with people outside their everyday teams. Others simply want their staff to kick back and relax with a beer in hand. We can easily point you in the direction of the right activities depending on your wishes.

4) Understand your audience

Have a good think about what your team would like to do. We know that sometimes it’s good to put people outside of their comfort zones but you don’t want anyone to be offended, bored or unable to take part. If your team is made up of lots of 50-70 year olds, you may not want anything overly physical like boxercise and the same goes for a bunch of 20 year olds taking part in a knitting workshop!

5) Choose your platform

As Event Planners, it really helps us if our clients tell us which platform they want to use for their Virtual Summer Party early on. We’ve experienced it countless times where clients book their event, we send them a Zoom link and they then reveal it has to be on MS Teams! All of our activity pages specify which platform they can be performed on so make sure you have a good read to avoid disapointment.


Next, let’s take a look at some of our best experiences for Virtual Summer Parties.

With 80+ virtual experiences now listed on Team Building Experiences, we’ve created a helpful list of activities that are best suited to each type of party.


1) The best activitiy for Virtual Summer Parties with 100+ people 

The Bespoke Comedy Show is the perfect activity to entertain larger groups with. Sit back and relax as 4 Stars of the UK Stand Up Comedy Circuit take to the stage in this ‘comedy-club’ style event over 75 minutes. Price is dependent on your group size and the level of fame you would like your comedians to have. On average, most groups pay between £1050-£3050+VAT.

2) The best activity for Virtual Summer Parties with 50-100 people

Pickled Bingo is a fun take on the traditional game that is guaranteed to have you laughing, singing and dancing with your whole team. Fit for any lockdown event this show has everything from party rounds, dance offs, lip sync battles and plenty of wacky and wonderful prizes for £22pp+VAT and an additional set-up fee of £400+VAT.

Virtual Bingo

3) The best activity for Virtual Summer Parties with 10-50 people

The Big Virtual Gameshow is sure to bring the WOW factor to any corporate event. Due to its high energy and interactive nature, this event works best for groups under 50 people. For just £25pp+VAT plus £200+VAT event fee, your team can take on famous TV shows such as Family Fortunes, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire & The Generation Game!

4) The best activity for Promoting Teamwork 

CIA Taskforce is our best-selling virtual escape room which sees groups of 5-8 people competing to finish first. This game is great for integrating new starters or using as a network tool as participants will need to get interacting with one another FAST! Available for only £19pp+VAT.

CIA Taskforce Escape Room

5) The best Food-based activitiy

Our Virtual Team Building Cooking Class will hit all the right spots with your attendees as they create tasty dishes in the comfort of their own kitchens. The menu is fully customisable so either let our Chef recomend some options or tell us what you want to create. Classes start from £25pp+VAT and all guests are provided with a detailed shopping list which shouldn’t cost anymore than £15pp from their local supermarket.

Virtual Team Building Cooking Class

5) The best All-Rounder activity

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is your best choice if you’re looking for something for absolutely everyone. It’s very hands-on, interactive and just £27.50pp+VAT so is the perfect option for teams of 10 to 200 people! In just 90 minutes everyone will embark on 21 bespoke challenges and we’ll even wrap up with a mini awards ceremony at the end.

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