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The Complete Beginners Guide To Virtual Christmas Parties

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A guide to Virtual Christmas Parties and Virtual Christmas Party Ideas to get your Christmas Party planning rolling


In 2020, unfortunately for a lot of people, it was looking very likely that Christmas was going to be cancelled. How can Christmas be cancelled you ask?! If you remember, the UK had just entered it’s second lockdown (it wasn’t to be the last). Some areas of the UK were told by the UK Government that they could not mix with family at Christmas. This put a huge dampener on everyone’s Christmas Spirit.

Basically, everything was pretty bleak.

Enter Virtual Christmas Parties, a small shining light in what was a dark time for many! At a time when most people would be looking forward to their Work Christmas Party, companies started to realise drinks and dinner wasn’t going to happen. Although people couldn’t get together in person, Virtual Events provided the next best thing.

Virtual Christmas Party

How Do You Do A Virtual Christmas Party?

Simply put, you can do a Virtual Event however you like! You might want to arrange some social virtual drinks with your team, arrange for a little bit of entertainment and perhaps an awards ceremony? It might be that you want to have to put in as little effort as possible! In which case, a hosted virtual event is the perfect choice as you can sit back and hand control to your host.

There is no right way to host a Virtual Work Christmas Party. You just need to find the right virtual entertainment for you!

How Does A Virtual Christmas Party Work?

As Virtual Events are done online, as long as everyone has a device and good internet connection, it’s accessible for everyone. Most events are hosted on Zoom. This is due to the fact that you can split groups into Breakout Rooms. This in turn allows for easy interaction, particularly for big groups.

That’s not to say you can have a Virtual Christmas Event on another online platform such as MS Teams, Google Meets, Webex etc. As long as everyone can get into some kind of online meeting, your Virtual Party will be possible!

There are different kinds of Virtual Events that can work for a Christmas Party:-

Hosted Virtual Event – This is where a host will look after you and your group. A host would guide you through whatever virtual activity you are doing. It could be that you have a Virtual Quiz Host or perhaps even some Virtual Murder Mystery actors looking after you. Either way, all you need to do is enjoy it!

Virtual Christmas Party

Pop-In Virtual Entertainment – This is where an entertainer or performer will come into your Virtual Event and provide entertainment for you. So you may have a group meeting first, perhaps even an awards ceremony. An entertainer such as a Virtual Magician or a Virtual Balloon Modeller can then come in at a specified time to provide some short entertainment to break up the event.

Virtual Christmas Party

Virtual Gifts / Virtual Hampers – You might already have everything planned out and you just want to give your employees or colleagues a little something to say Merry Christmas! With delivered Christmas gift boxes or Christmas hampers, you’re bound to cheer your employees up for Christmas.Virtual Christmas Party Ideaa

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Christmas Party?

You might think “Well, if we can’t have a real Christmas Party then what’s the point”. First of all, just because you can’t do your preferred choice, that doesn’t mean other options aren’t just as good! There are so many benefits to a Virtual Event that may just change your mind –

  • Global Virtual Events – If you have a team with employees dotted across the globe, how do you normally get them together? Either you don’t or, you spend a lot of money on travel and accommodation! With a Virtual Party, you don’t have that worry. The only thing to consider is the time difference. Other than that, your Virtual Event can be fully inclusive for all team members, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Accessible For Everyone – Not only is it accessible for global team members, it’s also great for those at home who may not be able to make a live event. Some people have commitments at home which can make it difficult to get out in the evenings. With a Virtual Event, they can take part for a short period from the comfort of home.
  • Engaging and Interactive – A lot of Virtual Christmas Party Ideas are designed to be interactive. A meal and drinks are nice but once they’re done what’s next? With a Virtual Event, you can watch a Virtual Pantomime, do some Virtual Cocktail Making or try your wits at a Virtual Escape Room! With so many virtual options, you can find something that will keep your team engaged but most importantly, having fun.

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

What Virtual Options Are There For A Virtual Christmas Party?

The options are endless! You might want more of a Social Event? Or perhaps you’re more interested in something Performance based or even Crafts and Creativity?  Here are our top ten Christmas Party ideas for a Virtual Event –

Who Can Take Part In A Virtual Christmas Party?

Well, anyone really. As long as a person has access to the internet and the correct event meeting link, they can take part. It doesn’t matter if attendees are in India, America, Spain or England – all of them will be able to enjoy the virtual festivities. Our activities are also suitable for all ages so we guarantee you’ll be catering for your full workforce.

How Do I Book My Virtual Christmas Party?

It’s really simple, promise. Just give us a call on 01235 634744, email us at [email protected] or fill out an enquiry form on your desired Virtual Christmas Party idea. A member of our dedicated (and Christmas loving) team will be in touch within 24 hours to help you!