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Virtual Cocktail Making With Team Building Experiences

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

The One Where The Team Building Experiences Team Did A Virtual Cocktail Making Class

As Virtual Events were so busy for Christmas, the Team Building Experiences Team had no time for their own Christmas Party! As a result, we decided to do a Virtual Cocktail Making Class in January 2021!

Here’s how it went……

The Cocktail Making Kit

The week of the event, we all received a Cocktail Making Box in the post. The box was really well presented and contained all the ingredients and garnishes we needed to make four Cocktails – The Secret Garden, Pornstar Martini, Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan and the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. There were measured out quantities of spirits like Vodka and Gin as well as mixers such as Apple Juice and Espresso and a sealed mixing jar. It was also a nice surprise to find coffee bean, a lemon and candy floss in the box – we were to find out what these were for a bit later!

The Virtual Cocktail Making Class

We were emailed our meeting link a few days before the event and advised to ensure we had glasses, ice, a knife and a cucumber. Although some of us were confused by the cucumber, it soon became clear what this was for!

We all logged in on a Friday night and were instantly greeted by our Mixologist Ali. Ali was set up in a Cocktail Making Bar studio which almost gave the illusion that we could have been in a real bar! Everyone was excited to get started so once the introductions were done, Ali went straight into our first cocktail.

First up was The Secret Garden, a refreshing gin based drink. Now we realised what the cucumber was for! Our mixologist talked through the ingredients with us and advised us on how to cut the cucumber to get a fresh taste. All ingredients were place and poured into our sealed mixing jars and it was time to shake! Once poured, we had a fresh and delicious cocktail to kick things off.

The Secret Garden

Secret Garden Cocktail

With our tastebuds tingled it was on to our next cocktail – The Pornstar Martini. It became apparent that Pornstar Martinis was one of the things the team missed most about going out! Ali explained which ingredients we needed which included Vanilla Vodka and Passion Fruit liqueur.

With a bit of ice in our sealed mixing jar, we poured our ingredients and shook to our hearts content. Ali explained to us the best way to pour our concoction to get the famous foam top of the Pornstar Martini. The results were mixed but everyone ended up with some form of foam on top!

The Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Martini

Despite only being two cocktails in, it seemed like the cocktails were good value for money judging by everyone’s happy faces! We can safely say, the cocktails definitely aren’t watered down.

On to Cocktail Number Three which was the Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan. A twist on the 90’s favourite made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie Bradshaw) and the Sex And The City girls. It was here we found out what the Candy Floss was for.

After mixing our ingredients and straining in the mixture to our glasses, we were told to get our Candy Floss. On the count of three, we all dropped the candy floss in our drink and watched as it dissolved before our eyes! After doing a group cheers, the result was a sweet and tasty drink that left us all wanting more.

The Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

Last up on the Cocktail Menu was another twist on another UK favourite – The Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. Now we knew what the coffee beans were for!

Before we started mixing, our mixologist gave us a brief history of how The Espresso Martini. We won’t ruin the story but we can say it all came about because of a certain UK supermodel…….

The good thing about the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini is everyone enjoyed it, even those who didn’t normally enjoy coffee. The Salted Caramel mix took the edge off and left us with a sweet but strong concoction.

The Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Team Verdict on Virtual Cocktail Making Masterclasses

The whole experience lasted around 60 minutes and by the end of the class, there were definitely some people who were tipsier than others! It even lead to a few staying on to make their own cocktails using ingredients from their cupboards and the knowledge they learnt from the class.

It’s safe to say the Virtual Cocktail Making was a huge hit. We even created a full Cocktails and Quiz experience with our Big Virtual Night In which combines Cocktail Making with our Big Virtual Pub Quiz.

If you want to organise a Virtual Team Building Event, Cocktail Making should definitely be top of your list!

Virtual Cocktail Making Class