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Virtual vs. Physical Gameshows

A Quick Look at Virtual and Physical Gameshows

Physical Gameshows have always been a huge success, however, we can’t say we enjoy the first one that was ever brought to screens! The very first gameshow was Spelling Bee, which was broadcast on 31st May 1938. Since then, we have been blessed with Taskmaster, The Cube, Family Fortunes, Countdown and many more!

Virtual Gameshows, on the other hand, are a newer development. Becoming popular during the pandemic, online gameshows provide the excitement and thrill of real Gameshows, with a fun and safe twist of it being delivered via Zoom. They are played entirely online, connecting teams from all over the globe, and create an extremely immersive experience for all.

Side by Side

While physical gameshows are certainly more established than virtual gameshows, they are limited when it comes to connecting teams around the world. In some cases, this can be incredibly convenient, particularly for teams who all live and work in the same area, or for those who have full company meetings in one area. However, those who are on other ends of the planet may struggle with finding the perfect location for both parties.

In-person events are much more expensive to organise, as you need to factor in entertainment, potentially food and drink, a venue, and things like parking/travel if outside of your office. If brought into offices, they can completely transform your boring, old working environment, to the glitz and glamour of the nations-favourite gameshows.

On the other hand, virtual gameshows provide a much more immediate offering. Their accessibility and affordability make them a flexible choice that can conveniently slot into an employees calendar. It can help to connect worldwide employees, without the worry (and extra costs) of flights and accomodation.

Gameshow Events in a Post-Pandemic World

While physical TV-inspired entertainment are slowly returning to business as usual in a post-pandemic world, there is no denying that online gameshows certainly hit their highest during the pandemic. The opportunity to connect distant teams in a virtual space that focussed on different aspects of popular televsion hits and team building was, and still is, a hard thing to pass up. As many teams have adapted to remote and flexible working and have no plans for that to change, the allure of virtual team building activities is attractive to many companies.

This does not mean that physical gameshows are done for though. An increase in in-person events has certainly proved this Summer, and we are expecting the same for the upcoming festive season. We are finally able to get back to socialising like we did before COVID-19 struck in 2020, which we know is something companies are definitely looking to do. Real-time connections can’t always be replicated in the same way through a virtual event, and now that many countried are lifting their restrictions, face-to-face is incredibly valuable.

All in All

Whether you want to looking into a physical or virtual gameshow, do consider what would be best for your team. Both are great fun, and have proved to be our most popular activites – so either way, you’re guaranteed a good time! Our hosts will be ready to welcome you.