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Rewarding Staff at Christmas

How to reward your staff at Christmas during a global pandemic.

Did you know that 43% of staff feel undervalued in the workplace? The same percentage also felt that they had a bad manager – someone that isn’t around much, nor do they take much notice of everyone’s hard work. A shocking 40% of workers agreed that they have a lack of recognition.

Don’t let this be your work place! Rewarding staff is heavily important in the workplace because it leads to…

1) Greater employee engagement

Investing in rewards will lead to increased productivity, work quality, and help retain top talent. Employees who are engaged at work are more likely to be productive on a consistent basis – which leads to more revenue.

2) Increased loyalty 

If you want to have harder working employees and retain your staff, you will need to cultivate this trait of loyalty among the employees that you currently have. Encourage them with positive reinforcement, incentives and gifts.

3) A positive workplace

Employees who feel appreciated and part of a successful team will make the working environment golden. Offering rewards is a great way to boost morale and encourage staff to work harder – this often creates a healthier working environment too!

4) Business growth

When you reward your employees for good work, they feel valued and more motivated – which often leads to a boost in productivity and the overall success of your business. You may think rewarding your employees is just too big of a cost but we guarantee the return will be much BIGGER!

5) An edge over competitors

You may not have thought of this one but it’s crucial! Prospective employees take a good look at the benefits of working for a company (discounted gym memberships, free parking, free coffee, etc) and if you offer a more desirable benefit, such as monthly events or gifts, this may swing them in your direction.

“Since Covid-19 hit, people have been craving any sort of social interaction they can get…”

We recently came out of all covid-related restrictions due to more people being jabbed up (thank you all), so now everyone is beginning to think about the next big thing… Christmas! Yes, that’s right, it’s almost here (again). The best gift you can give this year is an experience that connects everyone together. People are craving social interaction so let’s give it to them!

Whether it be a Live event or a Virtual Event you are planning, your employees will be thanking you for months to come. Making memories is such an important part of life… am I right?

As I’ve mentioned above, giving your employees rewards can boost their self esteem and help people realise their worth in the business. After all, why would anyone want to stay at a business and help it grow long-term if they won’t get a reward for their hard-work? Creating a positive atmosphere and happiness within your workplace should always be a top priority if growing your business is the goal. Remember that saying, “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers”? Well it’s true and if Christmas isn’t the time to start saying thank you, I don’t know when is!

To help our fellow bosses out, we have come up with a list of things you can do to reward everybody:

  • Gifts – this could be hampers, treat boxes or even a big present for the team. We’ve known employers to send out wine bottles, meat platters or even an ‘office hamper’ for workers to share! We stock a Gift Box available that you and the team will love! 
  • A Virtual Experience – Getting together online is always a positive thing to do. Whether it be a family event (balloon modelling or a magician) or a drinks experiences (strictly adults only), there will be something to suit your staff. Our most popular experiences are The Big Virtual Game Show and Crimbo Bingo. Why not give these a try?
  • Gift Vouchers – easy and straight to the point. Think about what your employees will really make use out of, this could be an Amazon gift voucher or a meal voucher?
  • Early finishes – this guarantees to motivate your team!!!! How about an hour early on a Friday each week? Or maybe even a Monday as this is supposed to be the highest ranked ‘worst day of the week!
  • Boosting salaries – this is a definite YES from all of us… and we know your workers will love the sound of this too.
  • Festive treats – themed activities always go down a treat during the winter months. You could play fun office games such as pin the nose on Rudolph or simply bring in some mince pies… yum!

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Always remember:

What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated. Make their hard-work known to the whole company and give your team an incentive. We hope you enjoy reaping the benefits of Rewarding staff. Success will follow shortly after.