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Corporate Fun Days to Combat Winter Blues

corporate fun day

corporate fun day

What is a Winter Corporate Fun Day?

A Winter Corporate Fun Day is exactly as it sounds! In the winter months, things can get difficult among teams. Days become shorter but feel longer, the change in weather affects moods, and the end of the year has people desperate for the Christmas break. However, there is a way to combat this – a Winter Corporate Fun Day! Getting your team together for a fun event (maybe even with a festive twist) is a great way to help them blow away the winter blues!

Why have a Winter Corporate Fun Day?

corporate fun day

1. Morale Booster!

Morale can be low when it comes to working through the winter months. After all, with Christmas approaching, sometimes it can feel like we all just want to be at home! Therefore, holding a Winter Corporate Fun Day is a great way to get your team in good spirits and excited to come to work! After all, a team with high morale is an efficient team!

2. Combat the Shorter Days

Winter means that it gets darker earlier, and days become drastically shorter. And when it’s dark outside, nobody wants to be working, do they? This can make it difficult for teams to feel engaged, as they may be thinking about when they can finally be done for the day! Introducing a fun Team Building Day can help your employees feel motivated to work hard and keep going through the winter months!

3. Reward Your Team!

Where morale can run a bit low during winter, with everyone working extremely hard over the year and end-of-year celebrations nearly there, a team reward is definitely needed! Having a Corporate Fun Day can help your team feel recognised for all of their hard work, especially as the end of the year is when it can start to feel like work is dragging! Ensuring your team feel seen and recognised is vital for a happy and healthy team!

Corporate Fun Day Ideas to Blow Away the Winter Blues

corporate fun day

1. The Office Games: Festive Gameshow

Bring a bit of Saturday Night Telly to your team with our festive gameshow: The Office Games! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a real TV gameshow, now is your chance to finally have a go (and we bet it’s more complicated than you think!). In one of the most fun and unforgettable events your team has ever experienced, you will compete in numerous Christmas-themed physical and mental rounds. This event guarantees plenty of laughs and a whole host of memorable moments.

2. Festive VR Challenge

Our Festive VR Challenge may be the most exciting and innovative activity teams can experience this holiday season! Get ready to immerse your team in fun and festive environments that make them feel like the Christmas Holidays have come early! Teams must engage their competitive side and skills in planning, process efficiency and organisation to win the most points and top the leaderboard!

3. Christmas Murder Mystery

Mix up the festive season this year with a Christmas Murder Mystery! In teams, you will solve a murder with a Christmassy twist! With a range of popular scenarios, including Who Sleighed Santa, Murder and Mulled Wine, and How to Bump Off Your Boss at the Christmas Party, you can make this event your own! Which will you pick?

4. Christmas Comedy Club

What better way to enjoy the festive season than with a Christmas Comedy Club? Get those endorphins flowing as you’re in stitches over some of the funniest stand-up comics you’ve ever seen. Our expert comedians deliver bespoke live stand-up comedy with artists carefully selected to suit your team. What better way to end the year with a bang?

5. Merry Madness: Festive Quest

Christmas is at risk, and only you can save it! Packed with all of the interactive and fun festive challenges you can think of, this is an event like no other! Once the time starts, the race is on to complete the challenges as fast as possible to free the Christmas List. However, ensure you’re performing well in the challenges, as points will be awarded based on your performance! Will your team beat the others to the Christmas List to save Christmas?

So, now you know how to beat the winter blues with a Corporate Fun Day. Which activity will you be choosing for your team? We can’t wait to find out!