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Our Review of 2022

The first few months of this past year were definitely uncertain for TBE. We had such a success in the virtual market in 2020 and 2021, but it was time to change. With the world opening its doors for good, we began to expand into the live event market. While it was something we had never done before, we had high hopes! The Office Games then began its journey in development…

We launched ‘The Office Games’ back in April 2022, and little did we know how much of a success this event would be amongst teams. Within a small amount of time, our team were going up and down the country, delivering the glitz & glamour of TV to offices and venues around the nation.

Our first big in-person event kicked off all the way back in May 2022, where we delivered a bespoke School Sports Day to a super enthusiastic team at Sandown Park Racecourse for over 100 people. It’s definitely safe to say they enjoyed themselves greatly, and it was a huge success for our team. They even came back to enquire about a second event later this year!

Our events team have definitely become the biggest adventurers in the office due to the number of live events delivered this year. To name a few:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Essex
  • Newcastle
  • Bristol

So, the big question is, how many events did we deliver this year? I can tell you (Yes, I did go back and count…) 219 in total, and 109 of those were virtual, leaving 110 in-person! Last year, we wouldn’t have dreamed of in-person events overtaking virtual (although, it only just did!)

Our summer was filled with Sports Days, Eldritch Codes, Soap Box Derbys, and of course Crystal Challenges, but soon enough, the festive season was fast approaching, and we knew we would need help to ensure each of our lovely customers were being looked after. We chose to employ Kyra in September, and she has been a great addition to the team! She looks after all the enquiries and bookings we get, and also helps with delivering the events! Call her multi-talented!

Before we knew it, the Christmas enquiries started pouring in not long after, and it was time to bring on the festivities, all the way back in October! And now? Well, we’ve got to actually deliver of course. The team are constantly out and about, sometimes not even making it back home until past midnight. A round of applause is definitely needed for them!

If you and your team are on the lookout for an event, our team can certainly help. You can contact us on 01235 634744, or [email protected]. Let the January enquiries begin!