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The Outdoor Office Olympics

Oudoor Office Olympics

Don’t just watch the Olympics every four years – join the fun with our Outdoor Office Olympics! We’re thrilled to offer this Olympic-themed team building event that captures the spirit of the global games. From the unforgettable energy of London 2012 to the innovative competitions of Tokyo 2020, and building anticipation for Paris 2024, our event brings the excitement of the Olympics directly to you.

What is the Outdoor Office Olympics? 

Much like the world tunes in for the Olympic Games, now you can participate in your very own Olympics-themed event. The Outdoor Office Olympics is the ultimate team building experience, designed to unite you and your colleagues in fun competition. Representing various nations, teams will face off in a series of Olympic-style games, each with a unique, fun twist designed to keep things lively and engaging.

What activities are in the Outdoor Office Olympics?

Kick off the excitement with our Opening Ceremony, a fun warm up to get you ready for an Olympics adventure. As the games begin, teams will dive into an array of Olympic-themed challenges designed to energize and inspire. You’ll compete in Olympic Games such as the following:

  • Team Relay: Channel your inner sprinter and work together to pass the baton to victory.
  • Hurdles: Leap over obstacles in a race that tests speed and agility.
  • Javelin: Throw your worries away and aim for the stars in this classic field event.
  • Skipping: Jump rope with a twist, where coordination and rhythm are key.
  • Horse Racing: Get creative and race to the finish line in this playful take on equestrian events.
  • Hockey: Keep control in a game where precision leads to points.
  • Tennis: Serve up some fun in a game that keeps everyone on their toes.

After the head to head races, the excitement continues with the Team Sport Tournaments. Engage in five-minute matches of:

  • Football: Collaborate to outmaneuver the opposing team and score the winning goal.
  • Volleyball: Spike and serve your way to victory.

After the head to head races comes the Team Sport Tournaments. With five minute matches of Football and Volleyball, teams will have the opportunity to work together to beat the opposing country teams.

How does the Outdoor Office Olympics end?

No Olympic event would be complete without a parade of the flags and extinguishing of the Olympic Flame! Although we skip the live flames for safety, our symbolic extinguishing of the Olympic Flame captures the essence of the traditional Olympic closure, bringing our exhilarating games to an end with a touch of theatrical flair. After all the games are complete, scores are tallied and the results are announced. Medals are awarded to first, second and third place and winning countries are invited to pose for photo opportunities which rival any Olympic photo finish.


Outdoor Office Olympics


Why did you come up with the Outdoor Office Olympics? 

At Team Building Experiences, we’re passionate about delivering top-notch team building events that everyone loves. Our commitment has led us to develop several of our own signature activities. Following the massive popularity of the Office Games and Old School Sports Day, we were inspired to combine the best elements of these events into something even bigger. Thus, the Outdoor Office Olympics was born—an combination of our best-selling activities, designed to bring the Olympic spirit right to your team!

Hear From the Team Building Experiences Team


Sophy Burrows – Events Director:
“Old School Sports Day along with The Office Games has been extremely successful after their launches in March and April 2022. So, I decided to create an event that includes the best bits of both. We predict that The Outdoor Office Olympics will be a best seller for many summers to come.” 


KyraKyra Johnson – Event Manager:
“I was so ecstatic when I found out about The Outdoor Office Olympics. This event means that we no longer have to wait 4 years to see the Olympics! I can get stuck into this event, and I like how inclusive this event is no matter your physical abilities and it helps to bring teams together”


Who Can Take Part in The Outdoor Office Olympics? 

Designed for groups ranging from 30 to 72 participants, the Outdoor Office Olympics welcomes various types of teams. You don’t need to limit yourself to office colleagues; this event is perfect for any group seeking a fun, engaging team building experience. Ideal for welcoming newcomers, celebrating achievements, or simply injecting some Olympic-themed fun into your team interactions, this event promises fun for everyone involved.

Where Does the Outdoor Office Olympics Take Place? 

One of the best features of the Outdoor Office Olympics is its flexibility—we bring the Olympic excitement to you! Whether you’re planning to host the event in your company’s outdoor space or at a hired venue, our mobile setup allows us to deliver this exceptional experience anywhere across the UK. No matter the location, our team is ready to turn your chosen venue into an Olympic arena!

The Outdoor Office Olympics is fast becoming one of our flagship team building experiences. If you’re looking to plan an unforgettable outdoor team building event, our team of experts is here to help. Discover more about how you can bring the Olympic Games theme to your next group event, ensuring fun, laughter, and lively competition.

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