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The Outdoor Office Olympics

February 21 2023

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Rather than waiting 4 years to see the Olympics why not compete in the Outdoor Office Olympics this May 2023? We’re excited to bring our brand-new event to a location near you this year! 

What is The Outdoor Office Olympics? 

Now we all tune in to watch the Olympics every 4 years so why not try and take part in it? The Outdoor Office Olympics is a great Team Building Game and is designed to bring you and your colleagues together. You will be split up into teams and you will have to compete in Olympic style games. Each game has its twist and you will gain coloured rings for each game you win! 

Activities may include:  

  • Football Dartboards 
  • Wrestling (with sumo suits) 
  • Track Races 
  • Javelin 
  • And many more options are available! 

This outdoor event will be sure to get your hearts pumping and brains working! There will be inflatables and sports tracks lined up everywhere, suitable for everyone. We’ll also add some music to keep your teams motivated throughout. Only one team will win. Will this be your team or your rivals? You can find out more here.

Outdoor Office Olympics


Why Did You Come Up with the Outdoor Office Olympics? 

Over the years, we have loved booking and offering Team Building Events for all our amazing customers. So much so, that along with the other activities we offer, we got to work creating some of our activities, which have quickly become best sellers in 2022, and are on track to be best sellers in 2023! The Office Games and Old School Sports Day have seen huge success since their launch, which is why we decided to create the Outdoor Office Olympics which includes the best bits of both! 


Hear From the Team Building Experiences Team


“Old School Sports Day along with The Office Games has been extremely successful after their launches in March and April 2022. So, in August 2022 I decided to create an event that includes the best bits of both. We predict that The Outdoor Office Olympics will be a best seller in summer 2023.” 


“I was so ecstatic when I found out about The Outdoor Office Olympics. This event means that we no longer have to wait 4 years to see the Olympics! I can get stuck into this event, and I like how inclusive this event is no matter your physical abilities and it helps to bring teams together”


Who Can Take Part in The Outdoor Office Olympics? 

This event is ideal for teams of 30-72 people. However, these teams don’t necessarily have to be those from your workplace (although they can be!). We aim to bring all types of teams together! Whether this is an office Team Building Event, an introduction for new employees/ freshers to get to know each other, or just a well done for hitting a target; this event is great for all! 

Where Does the Outdoor Office Olympics Take Place? 

The Outdoor Office Olympics is a mobile event, which means we can come to you! Whether you’re looking to host an event at your office location outside, or you’ve hired out a venue, we’ll be able to reach you! We offer this event nationwide across the UK, so don’t worry if you’re in Liverpool and we’re in Oxfordshire!  

The Outdoor Office Olympics is on track to be our best Team Building experience for 2023. if you’re thinking of planning your own outdoor Team Building event then you can find out more from our team of experts here.