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Virtual Escape Rooms That Guarantee To Entertain Your Team

Virtual Escape Room

A guide on Virtual Escape Rooms that will get your team working together even when working from home!

If there is one thing I’ve realised since March 2020, it’s that people love Virtual Escape Rooms. I think it took me by surprise because I’ve never been particularly fond of their physical counterparts. I’ve tried and tested a generous amount of them now (perks of the job) and can easily see why these took the nation by storm! I’ve pretended to be a CIA agent in one, I’ve been immersed in the story by real actors in another and I’ve even had to physically create shapes with my limbs at one point!

If you’re maybe a sceptic like I was, let me tell you why you shouldn’t be…

Why Virtual Escape Rooms Will Benefit Your Team

  • They promote teamwork. Virtual Escape Rooms are challenging and so no matter who participants are grouped with, they will undoubtedly have to work together. Most Virtual Escape Rooms are completed in teams of 6-8 people so groups should always have a mixed skill set which is perfect for the varied tasks they need to perform!
  • They require brainpower. Nobody has completed a Virtual Escape Room by just sitting back and relaxing. Your team will be expected to decipher clues, collate evidence and unravel cryptic puzzles – I can assure you this requires some form of thinking and using your imagination.
  • They’re fun! From time to time your team will need a little pick-me-up, whether that be a lunchtime activity or an after work social. Virtual Escape Rooms are interactive, engaging and 100% fun so your team will definitely feel more motivated as a result.
  • They are inclusive. Your whole workforce can take part (as long as they have an internet connection) because Virtual Escape Rooms can be played anywhere at anytime on almost any device. Nobody has to travel to an outer-city venue or even fly to a different country, therefore all participants will feel included and considered.

Why Virtual Escape Rooms Are Better Than Their Live Counterparts

You may ask yourself why on earth would you want to play an Escape Room virtually as opposed to visiting a real life version. That’s a good question as Live Escape Rooms also promote teamwork, brainpower and are also lots of fun.

  • First of all, Virtual Escape Rooms are considerably cheaper to run, not just the game itself but the lack of travel means transport costs will be kept to zero.
  • Secondly, you don’t have to worry about creating teams or people mixing with just their friends. With the magic of Zoom, we can randomly allocate groups with a click of a button which results in equal sized groups made up of a variety of characters and personalities.
  • Thirdly, they are easily accessible. All you will need is the correct Meeting Link to play (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets, etc). Your attendees can either play at home or at work, sober or with a glass of wine or either in their uniform or in their PJ’s!

A Round-Up Of Our Best Virtual Escape Rooms

CIA Taskforce – If you are a pro at real escape rooms than this activity is the perfect one for you. We’ve taken a real escape room and put it online so you’ll feel as if you are really there. You can move about the room and even put things in your ‘virtual’ pocket to keep for later! This one is also at the lower price point making very accessible for them larger teams, book now for just £19pp+VAT.


Plymouth Point – This virtual experience is a cross between an Escape Game and a Murder Mystery and really, is as lifelike as it’s going to get. Don’t be fooled by the sweet old lady who introduces the story, it will get very dark very quickly! This one is great for teams that are looking for something more unusual or have done lots of virtual activities before. Book now for just £30pp+VAT.

Swamp Motel Escape Game

Sherlock Holmes Escape Game – This is our most premium escape room, packed full of flashy animations and even an actor to immerse you in the storyline. Most of us brits know and love Sherlock Holmes so this activity is definitely a firm favourite among our corporate groups. If you want something linear and relatively straightforward, I strongly recommend this one. Book now from just £26pp+VAT plus an additional £250+VAT event fee per 200 participants.

Virtual Sherlock Holmes Escape Room

Arctic Survival – It’s simple, straightforward and suprisingly a lot of fun! Teams of 4-8 people will tackle this Virtual Escape Room in Zoom using a specially designed smartphone app (Mobile Adventures). Expect to unravel anagrams, answer unusual questions and even uncover hidden clues with augmented reality! All of this fot just £12pp+VAT plus an additional £250+VAT event fee per 50 participants.

How To Book A Virtual Escape Room

It’s simple, just give us a call on 01235 634744, email us at [email protected] or fill out an enquiry form. We have a fantastic team who will be excited to help you plan your Virtual Event so what are you waiting for?