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Indoor Team Building Activities

Team Building doesn’t always have to be outdoors. That’s why we have compiled a list of our Top Five Indoor Team Building activities for your team to take part in 2023. Well, look no further. We will cover some of the best employee bonding activities you can do.

The Office Games  

the office games

We all love some office banter. So why not get involved with The Office Games? This activity is great if you have ever wanted to take part in a game show… which we all have! You can take part in games such as:

  • Think Fast: 5 seconds to name 5 things to get your pulse racing.
  • Win It In A Minute: a series of Taskmaster-style challenges to get your mind rushing.
  • Speed Quiz: The ultimate test of trivia

Just make sure to bring your camera with you as your colleagues will be taking part in some very stupid activities! But that’s not all you can get out of The Office Games. You get the chance to win a trophy, bubbly, and the satisfaction of calling the rest of your colleagues losers!

Secret Service Escape Game

secret service escape game

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Then The Secret Service Escape Game is the game for you. Solve mysteries and crack the mystery. If you do not crack the mystery before the opposing teams then face the danger of your colleagues bragging about beating you and your team in the office! Be shunned to a life of misery or rise to the top and see if you really are spy worthy. Do you have what it takes to beat the opposing teams?

Urban Axe Throwing Urban Axe Throwing Ever felt like you would be great at a game of Axe Throwing? Then why not put it to the test? Battle against your colleagues to see who will rise to the top of the Axe Throwing contest. This is a great stress release and can help boost team morale. You may even discover a hidden talent.  Not only that but they offer a 5-star experience where you can drink and have pizza there too! But don’t worry, no one will be Axe Throwing drunk! Click here to make your Axe Throwing dreams come true.

Live Murder Mystery  Live Murder Mystery


We all love a murder mystery documentary. Whether this is a podcast, YouTube video, or movie and the satisfaction of solving the unsolvable. Why not look at our Murder Mysteries game? No need to worry about wrapping up warm as this is an Indoor activity.

In teams, you will attempt to solve a murder. Logic and witt will be your friends in this experience as you pursue the evidence, question the suspects, make your accusations and catch the killer!

Qubed  qubed


Qubed will get your team’s heart racing. Your team will be tested in memory challenges to earn points. Once the team challenges are over the individual challenges commence. You can thrive and make this event your own or you can crash and take everyone down with you. Which will it be?

You are now equipped with the knowledge to organize the best Indoor team-building experience for 2023. if you’re thinking of planning your own indoor team-building event then you can find out more from our team of experts here.