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Top tips for planning a live event

Live Events

Planning a live event for your colleagues can be super tricky. Especially when you don’t know what people want, and you dont want to stick to the typical team building activities.

Here at TBE, we strive to provide the most unique experiences for teams who hate the phrase, “team building” but are still looking for the same effect. That’s why we have come up with a list of super important tips to help you plan the most exciting event possible for your groups!

Tip #1: Know your budget

You’d think this would be the top of some people’s minds, but it seems that’s not always the case! Knowing your budget scales down a lot of things. If you’re not planning to spend more than £2,000, let us know so that we can suggest suitable experiences. We know budget can sometimes put ideas into people’s heads that its not a good experience but that doesn’t matter! Our experiences are made to be affordable, unique and suitable for all.

Tip #2: Know your approximate group size

We’re not super fussy during the enquiry stage. But if you switch from 30 people, to suddenly saying it may be 200 people, you may be quoted an incorrect price (could even be saving money!), the event may not be suitable, or we may not have enough hosts to facilitate! Its great to have a guage of the rough amount of people you were expecting.

Tip #3: Organising everything else (transport, venues etc.)

We only supply the event itself so if it is a mobile event you have booked, please do ensure you have a suitable venue. If your office is big enough, that’s a great option but it is much better to book a venue first to ensure you have somewhere to go. The information you give to us will be passed onto the host, and confusion/issues can arise if not notified in time! Transport is another key thing. If you’re looking to get 200 people from one place to the next, ensure you are actually able to do so!

Tip #4: Mobile or Set venue?

If you have a large office space, and everyone is in the same building, why not bring the event to you? Our hosts just need a bit of time to prepare beforehand, usually a changing/storage space and potentially a microphone (depending on your group size). It’s definitely a way to fight travel and venue costs! Alternatively, we also have awesome experiences in set venues if you’re looking to spend a day away from the office. Just be midnful of prepping the other factors beforehand, and provide plenty of options for your day, not just one entertainment afternoon.