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Top 2022 In-Person Christmas Party Activities

in-person christmas party

in person christmas party

Are In-Person Christmas Parties Back in 2022?

In-Person Christmas Parties are absolutely back in 2022! After 2 full years of Virtual Festive Events and not being able to bring the whole team together, this year we are finally in the clear to have full-blown Christmas Parties! Woohoo! So, why not get your whole team together, or even a few teams, and celebrate all of your joint and individual success this year! After all, we all deserve it!

Top 5 In-Person Christmas Party Activities

1. The Office Games: Festive Gameshow

Bring a bit of Saturday Night telly to your team with our BRAND NEW for Christmas 2022 festive gameshow. Get ready for one of the most fun and unforgettable events your team has ever experienced! With a professional gameshow host to entertain and lead teams through numerous Christmas-themed physical and mental rounds, this activity guarantees to provide plenty of laughs and a whole host of memorable moments.

2. Festive VR Challenge

Our Festive VR Challenge may be the most exciting and and innovative activity that teams can experience this holiday season! Get ready to immerse your team in fun and festive environmetns that will make them feel like a Christmas Holiday come early! These games are single-player, point-based games with a leaderboard – win the most points to become the champion!

3. Christmas Murder Mystery

Mix up the festive season this year with a Christmas Murder Mystery! In teams, you will solve a murder with a Christmassy twist! With different themes to pick one, including Who Sleighed Santa and How To Bump Off Your Boss At The Christmas Party, you can really make this event your own! Get together as a team to discover who is guilty in the Christmas Murder Mystery!

4. Merry Madness: Festive Quest

Christmas is at risk, and only you can save it! Packed with all of the interactive and fun festive challenges you can think of, this is an event like no other! The Christmas List has been taken meaning Christmas is about to be ruined! Combining the excitement of escape rooms with a feast of high energy and fun challenged, Merry Madness: Festive Quest is perfect for a Christmas Party!

5. Christmas Comedy Club

What better way to enjoy the festive season than with a Christmas Comedy Club! Get those endorphins flowing as you’re in stitches over the funniest stand up comics you’ve ever seen! Our expert comedians deliver bespoke live stand up comedy with artists carefully selected to suit your team! What better way to end the year with a bang!

Why Should I Have an In-Person Christmas Party?

in-person christmas party

1. Gets Everyone Together

With lots of companies adopting a hybrid or remote working model, it can be difficult to get the whole team together. So, what better way than an In-Person Christmas Party! Everyone can get together in a social setting and have some fun! After all, with teams being together a rareity for some, what better time to celebrate than Christmas!

2. Morale Booster

If there’s one thing that all teams need every now and again, it’s a morale booster. A lot of the time, it can be work, work, work, leaving lots of people feeling tired and maybe even a little burnt out. Therefore, by introducing something exciting, like an In-Person Christmas Party, it can really help boost the morale of your team! After all, a happy team is a productive team!

3. Better Working Relationships

A lot of the time, teams only know each other in a work setting. However, by holding socials such as an In-Person Christmas Party, this can help build relationships and rapport between team members. When transferred to the office, this can improve results across the board! Plus, the culture of a company is essential, and good working relationships are vital for team success.

4. Engagement, Motivation, Retention

Possibly the most important part of managing a team is ensuring that your team are motivated, engaged, and most of all, want to stay! After all, investing in your current employees is much better for both them and the team! One way to do this is by throwing an In-Person Christmas Party and showing your team just how much they’re appreciated! This will help keep them engaged and motivated to work well for the team, as they’ll feel they have a personal stake in the team’s success.

5. Breaking the Barrier

Often in some teams, there can be a bit of a barrier between the team and management, with some team members even feeling as though they cannot approach management. Throwing a fun and sociable In-Person Christmas Party can help get everyone together in a social setting to strip away the job titles and get everyone talking and engaged! Breaking down the barrier can be important, as working relationships between team members and managers are vital for success!

How to Book an In-Person Christmas Party

in-person christmas partyBooking an In-Person Festive Event has never been easier! All you have to do is take a look through our Christmas Activities, pick your favourite, let us know and we’ll do the rest! Just make sure you’ve got the basic information such as number of attendees (this can be a rough number!) and the event date you’d like, as well as your location, and you’re good to go! We’ll take over the rest for you and make sure you get your ultimate In-Person Christmas Party booked!