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Benefits of Virtual Events

benefits of virtual events

What are the Benefits of Virtual Events?

Although live events may be missed by your companies, there are indeed many benefits of Virtual Events that may not come to mind at first. This is what this blog is here to remind you about!

Is your company big on being Environmentally friendly? Then why not stick with virtual events? They reduce travel from both hosts, equipment, and the participants, which means there are significantly less CO2 emissions and therefore you are doing your part in saving our planet! Along with this, no paper is required from either side! No trees will be cut down for tickets, quotes, invoices, booking confirmations … NOTHING!

Another benefit that can be reaped from Virtual Events is the cost side of things. Online Events cost approximately 75% less than in-person events. Who knew you had been saving so much this whole time? You will be saving money on staff, venues, setup and takedowns, accomodation, meals, travel costs and more. This also saves time for your colleagues. No need to worry about the kids at home. They can join in! No weather worries either!

Online Events are full of variety. They can be fully tailored with little hassle! Do you have a small add-on that you know some of your colleagues will LOVE? Why not add it on for a small cost extra? You can be even more creative with your ideas!

Another Benefit of Virtual Events is that you are not limited to a certain area. Do some of your colleagues want to visit France, America, Sweden? Or some that are just desperate to find out more about any culture? There is an event for you! Play the Around the World Challenge. Its global – with no travel fees – all from the space of your home. If your company is international, you could even explore with them! Cost effective, and even more people can join in on the fun! If you have colleagues, say, with a wheelchair or who have limited travel access; they can be involved on all the fun too. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting out of the office, while also being able to attend from almost anywhere?


Around the World Virtual Team Challenge | White Rhino Events


Do you absolutely despise using restrooms aside from your own? Online Events can solve this! You no longer have to worry about germs and also, you know whether your house is COVID-19 free!

Welcome to an introverts’ paradise! Awkward encounters – Begone! Whether it be colleagues who are not on the same wavelength, or who simply haven’t met enough times to be truly comfortable with one another, Virtual Events are for them! Overly Extroverted people who may have a little trouble keeping quiet, you can simply mute them! No loud attendees anymore!

Alongside all of these points, feedback for your event management team is much easier to get! You can now visually see what everybody keeps returning to and talking about, and what they liked best. This may also help you get to know your colleagues alot better. You may even find you have more things in common than you initially realised! You even have the same opportunities to continue networking.

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