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Corporate Game Shows

Corporate Game Show - People playing minefield on the grass

Looking for some ideas for corporate game shows to entertain the team during an event? Perhaps you’re celebrating a win, it’s the Christmas party, or you just want to do some team-building during the summer.

Game show team building is great fun; pit two opposing departments against each other or simply mix up the whole company dynamic.

The Power of Play

Incorporating play into the workplace improves creativity, problem-solving and employee engagement. Using the power of play as part of the end-of-year festivities is a great way to let off steam, have fun and enjoy a good laugh!

Here are some of our corporate game shows that we love and the reasons they make for such good corporate events:

The Office Games

To start things off, we have the Office Games. Teams sat at tables around a room, with members answering questions at podiums in the centre.

How good are your reflexes? Do you think you would crumble under the pressure of a quick-fire round? Do you have control when facing a buzzer waiting to be pressed?

Among the excitement, a host will be present to guide you through each game… while possibly modelling something stunning in sequins.

Game shows are great at any time of year, but there is something special about a Christmas corporate game show, as they are inclusive. Colleagues who only pass each other at work finally have the time to bond, making it a great way to get teams – and the whole corporation – buzzing.

Mix and Match – Build Your Own Corporate Game Shows

Maybe you want your game show experience to have a ‘little bit of everything’ – the Mix and Match function allows you to have just that.

Some of our favourite TV shows inspire this corporate game show (we won’t say which ones; let’s see if you can work it out!); you could have:

  • Big Word / Big Math
  • Our Survey Says
  • Win It in a Minute
  • Speed Trivia
  • Question Time
  • Beat the Buzzer
  • Beat the Clock
  • Quickfire
  • The Virtual Game Show

Game Show – Assortment of Quizzes!

Who doesn’t love a quiz? A quiz in any form is great fun and brings out everyone’s competitive edge. If you add this level of enjoyment to a team-building experience, you’ll have all the ingredients for a great day or evening.

It’s easy to create a game show-style quiz, and here at Team Building Experiences, we have several styles to choose from and tailor to suit your needs. We create game show-style quizzes with diverse topics, blending fun and work-related questions to engage everyone involved.

We could focus on themes that resonate with the team’s goals or industry, making use of shared knowledge and friendly competition.

  • Quizmas
  • The Big Virtual Christmas Quiz
  • The Big Virtual Pub Quiz
  • The Big Quiz
  • Big Team Quiz of Utter Nonsense

A Plethora of Rooms to Escape From!

Perhaps a quiz mixed with some physicality would be a better match for your game show experience. If so, why not try one (or more) of our Escape Room activities?

Escape Room events offer an engaging way for teams to strengthen their problem-solving skills. Participants are ‘locked’ in a themed room and must work together to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries within a set time frame.

Imprisonment will naturally challenge an individual, so it is vital to communicate effectively, use each other’s strengths and think wisely under pressure.

Energy levels can get very high as diverse perspectives try to solve the puzzles. Success in a corporate game show challenge, such as an escape room, hinges on speed, listening to each other, and delegating wisely.

  • VR Escape Room – La Casa Deniro
  • Pop Up Escape Game – The Final Cypher
  • Mystery Mission – Escape Room Experience
  • Escape Room: Operation Firewall
  • Virtual Escape Room – Arctic Survival
  • Atlantean Chest Virtual Escape Room
  • The Sleuth – Escape Room
  • Riddle of the Dragon Virtual Escape Room

Festive Offerings:

  • Cracked It Christmas Escape Room Game
  • Festive Escape Game – The Final Cyper

Some Familiar Names From the Land of TV Game Shows

The Crystal Challenge

A favourite game show experience for many people, the Crystal Challenge team-building experience has always been popular, mainly due to the iconic 90s TV show.

Look no further if you are looking for a corporate game show event that encourages teamwork, problem-solving and friendly competition.

Whether navigating mazes or solving riddles, teams unite and tap into their collective intelligence to overcome obstacles. The crystal maze-style activities vary from mind puzzles to physical challenges and are set in a series of interactive zones.

Teams must work together to ensure they can collect as many crystals as possible by solving as many puzzles as possible, ultimately leading to a high energy ‘grab as many tokens as you can’ finale from within the Dome.

The Apprentices

Have you ever wanted to say, “You’re fired!” to your boss? Maybe here’s the opportunity? The Apprentice can be an excellent corporate team-building event as it stimulates real-world business challenges, bringing together collaboration and decision-making skills and some healthy competitiveness among team members.

It also provides a fun and dynamic environment that encourages problem-solving and strategic thinking, mirroring aspects of the real corporate world.

Taskmasters of the Universe

Taskmaster of the Universe stands out as an exceptional corporate game show-related team-building event with an exciting mix of strategic challenges, humour and (lots of) creative thinking! It puts teams into an imaginative realm where problem-solving becomes an art form.

The varied, unconventional tasks demand collaborative teamwork as participants navigate puzzles, tests and inventive challenges, leading to a shared sense of accomplishment.

A unique blend of wit, strategy and camaraderie engages teams in this event and imparts valuable personal development skills.

It’s A Knockout

It’s A Knockout excels as a corporate game show team-building event, combining entertainment, positivity and collaboration with hilarious results.

The physical challenges skip the ordinary and go straight to fun and excitement with whimsical obstacles that need teamwork, communication and lots of flexibility!

The shared laughter (expect a lot) and triumphs create lasting bonds among team members, breaking down barriers and encouraging a positive group dynamic, creating an unforgettable and compelling team-building game show experience.

Survival Island

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be stranded on a desert island? Well, this isn’t it! However, what this game does provide is an immersive simulated survival experience. Teams work together to overcome challenges like shelter-building, fire-starting and problem-solving in an outdoor environment.

An adventure island experience is excellent for personal growth and team development. Each person learns how to adapt to a situation with limited resources and how best to use their strengths and support the group’s needs. The shared experience of navigating through tests in the great outdoors instils a sense of resilience.

Survival Island goes beyond traditional team building, offering a memorable and impactful journey that enhances teamwork and leaves participants with a valuable skillset that will help them professionally and personally.

Totally Wiped Out

Here’s one for the physical fitness fans! Totally Wiped Out is an exercise-lead game inspired by the TV show. Inject energy and laughter into the physical aspects of the tasks with inflatable obstacles, water challenges and hilarious team trials.

You might think that was enough to tempt you.

If not, know that Totally Wiped Out produces shared triumphs that can rejuvenate a team and strengthen relationships with enduring memories and future storytelling.

A Double-Bake

Whether you choose a Bakeathon or a Festive Bake Off, this game show-style team-building exercise combines friendly competition with a creative flare and, more importantly… food! A win-win event in all areas.

Your teams have a shared goal and work together to plan, bake and decorate delicious treats to deliver a culinary masterpiece worthy of a ‘handshake from Paul’.

On a more corporate level, this promotes attention to time management and the ability to follow detailed instructions. The friendly atmosphere and the joy of creating something (edible) together is a delightful hands-on experience, leaving a sweet taste of shared accomplishment and satisfaction.


Do you think you’re good at understanding body language and deciphering the tiniest of clues? Basically… are you good at spotting GUILT?

The Betrayers game show experience is an engaging and fully immersive team-building event. Participants find themselves in a thrilling scenario, working together to unveil the hidden betrayer among them with amusing theories and suggestions.

Effective communication is key as teams analyse other players in the hope of identifying deception among the ranks and enhancing interpersonal skills as they go!

Suspense and drama add excitement to the event, ensuring an unforgettable shared experience. The Betrayers exercise creates a dynamic environment and a sense of unity among team players, making it a powerful and enjoyable team-building option.


Can you beat the Qube? Inspired by the TV game show, Qubed comes with dramatic lighting and an inflatable game area, providing a safe and fun team-building experience. Qubed is full of unique memory challenges centred around cube-themed activities.

Teams must collaborate to decode intricate puzzles to unlock the Qube’s secrets within a certain time frame.

Qubed is the perfect corporate game show team-building exercise, as it requires clear communication and strategic thinking as participants pool their skills to solve each level.

The multi-faceted nature of the game ensures every team member’s contribution is vital for success, which boosts morale and reinforces the importance of teamwork while under pressure.

Outdoor Adventure Games

Sometimes, a break from a stuffy office or the normal working routine is just what’s needed to reinvigorate the mind and body, and what better way to do this than with an outdoor adventure activity?

Outdoor game shows for team-building experiences provide a refreshing backdrop for strengthening interpersonal relationships, where teams navigate outdoor obstacles, such as rope courses or orienteering, using creative thinking to communicate with each other.

With our variety of games to choose from, you shouldn’t struggle to find something you and your colleagues will love!

Our outdoor adventures for corporate game shows include:

  • GPS Treasure Hunt
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • The Gemini Murder
  • Sumo Suits Hire
  • Ninja Workouts