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Work Summer Party Ideas

Corporate Summer Party

Summer is the perfect time to gather your team, soak up the sun, and celebrate the season with a remarkable party. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or simply want to bring your colleagues closer together, a work summer party is an excellent opportunity to build team spirit and create lasting connections. In this guide, we’ll explore a diverse range of exciting and unique summer party ideas that will ensure your event is an absolute hit!

We’ll explore the different types of summer party events, give you tips on how to plan the perfect party, and share some of our top summer party activities to keep your guests entertained. So whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big bash, we’ve got you covered!

Summer Party Ideas

Types of Work Summer Party Events 

When it comes to summer parties, the options are endless. Here are some standout ideas to ignite your imagination:

Indoor Games:
  • Who says the fun has to stay outdoors? There are lots of ways you can have summer fun indoors! Embrace creativity with our Four Quarters Challenge, a great indoor activity which involves collaboration, teamwork and a bit of fancy dress! We have lots of other indoor team building activities which could be suitable for your Summer event.
Laid Back Summer Socials:
  • Sometimes, all you need is good company and warm sunshine. Whether it be meeting up in a pub garden or hiring an exclusive venue for some drinks, the sun always puts everyone in a good mood. A summer party doesn’t always have to be a big, planned out affair. Sometimes simple is best!
Summer Garden Party
  • A quintessentially British Summer Garden Party is often the perfect choice. Some companies may rent out a large venue with grounds and a marquee for the perfect company Summer Party. It’s the perfect opportunity for traditional tea and scones, bubbles and biscuits and some fun garden games such as Croquet and Giant Jenga.
  • Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned BBQ. Fire up the grill, stock up on burgers and hot dogs, and invite your colleagues for a day of delicious food and drinks. You can even look to bring in external caterers to provide a modern twist on the traditional BBQ.
Outdoor Games:

Crystal Challenge Crystal Maze Event Outdoor


Summer Party Themes

A Summer Party theme is the perfect way to add a dash of creativity to your company’s celebration. Whether you’re longing for a touch of British charm, the thrill of a carnival or the calming aura of the seaside, there’s a theme that will transport your guests to a world of summertime bliss. So, without further ado, let’s explore these remarkable summer party themes and make this year’s event an extraordinary one!

1. British Garden Party

Embrace the quintessential British charm with a garden party theme. Decorate the venue with floral arrangements, bunting, and traditional garden party props. Serve afternoon tea, Pimm’s cocktails, and classic British summer treats like strawberries and cream.

British Garden Party Summer Party Theme


2. Seaside Soiree

Bring the beach to your party with a seaside-themed extravaganza. Transform your venue with nautical decor, lounge in deck chairs, and grab a photo with beach props. Offer fish and chips, ice cream cones, and refreshing summer beverages. You can even set up fun beach games and activities for your employees.

Beach Party Summer Party Theme


3. Carnival Extravaganza

Turn your corporate party into a vibrant carnival celebration. Set up colourful decorations, circus-inspired booths, and fairground games. Provide delicious carnival food like popcorn, candy floss, and hot dogs. Consider hiring entertainers such as stilt walkers, jugglers, and face painters to create a festive atmosphere. A trip to the circus is sure to evoke nostalgic memories for your employees and give them a party to remember.

Carnival Summer Party Theme

4. Sports Day Spectacular

Host a company-wide sports day with a variety of games and challenges. Set up different activity stations such as sack races, three-legged races, tug-of-war, and a mini-athletics track. Offer trophies and prizes for the winners. Serve a buffet with picnic-style food and refreshments to keep everyone energized. If you want to really embrace a Sports theme, our Outdoor Office Olympics can bring the Olympic Games to you!

Sports Day Summer Party

5. Festival Frenzy

Create a music festival atmosphere for your company summer party. Set up stages with live bands or DJs playing a variety of genres. Provide food stalls with different culinary options and food trucks for a diverse dining experience. Add festival-themed decorations and encourage employees to dress in their favourite festival attire. You could even turn it into an annual company festival which can be a selling point when hiring new employees and good for employee retention.

Festival Summer Party Theme

How to Plan A Company Summer Party Event 

Now that you’ve got some ideas for the type of summer party event you want to throw, it’s time to start planning. Here are some tips to help you get started: 

  • Choose the Date and Location

Decide when and where you want to host your party. You want to ensure it’s a suitable date for not just your attendees but your company as a whole. The earlier you book, the better chance you have of finding your ideal venue.

  • Create a Guest List

Ensure inclusivity by inviting all departments and utilizing various communication channels to spread the word. If you have a company intranet, send out a notice in plenty of time. Get your Marketing team to create some funky invites for you and send a company wide email out or put a pin on your noticeboard!

  • Plan Your Catering

Whether you’re grilling burgers or serving up something fancy, make sure to plan your catering well in advance. There are so many food options to choose from now with the growing market of street food vans and vendors. If you are a booking a venue, they will likely have a good package for you to choose from so you don’t have to worry about the details. Don’t forget to check for dietary requirements to ensure there is something for everyone

  • Decorate

If you’re going for a theme, you want to make sure you’ve got all the little touches that your employees will notice. If your team sees how much effort you have put in, they will feel valued and have a great time! Don’t forget about furniture too, you want to make sure there are seating areas in case guests don’t want to be standing around.

  • Plan Your Entertainment

No summer party is complete without some fun activities. Decide on what summer party activities you want for your event. Do you want a structured team building activity to kick things off? Or perhaps you want a DJ and a dancefloor? Maybe you want to put on a full-on activity day with lots of activity stations for everyone. Whatever you choose, we recommend keeping your company brand and values in mind and aiming to be inclusive.

Top Corporate Summer Party Activities 

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what kind of company summer party event to host. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

The Outdoor Office Olympics 


Outdoor Office Olympics

Rather than waiting 4 years to see the Olympics why not compete in the Outdoor Office Olympics this year? We’re excited to bring our brand-new event to a location near you this year!  

 The Outdoor Office Olympics is a great Team Building activity and is designed to bring you and your colleagues together. You will be split up into teams and you will have to compete in Olympic-style games. Each game has its twist you will be competing for your own Olympic medals!  

Activities may include:   

  • Football Dartboards  
  • Volleyball
  • Track Races  
  • Javelin  
  • And many more options are available!  

This outdoor event will be sure to get your hearts pumping and brains working! There will be inflatables and sports tracks lined up everywhere, suitable for everyone. We’ll also add some music to keep your teams motivated throughout. Only one team will win. Will this be your team or your rivals? You can find out more here

Corporate Sports Day 


Remember the good old days of your School Sports Day? Want to bring out your inner child? The fun, the competitiveness, and the glory! Want to re-live those days with your very own Corporate Sports Day? We have all the classic races that you’ll remember.  

  • The famous Egg And Spoon Race. 
  • The glorious Hula Hoop Race.  
  • The hilarious Giant Sausage Race. Watch with laughter as your colleagues try and move a giant sausage in sync! 

You can really throw yourselves into this company Sports Day so get ready for the best Team Building activity you have ever tried!

Crystal Challenge 


Test your team’s mental agility and physical skills to win The Crystal Challenge, inspired by the hit 90’s TV show! With various challenge zones, your teams will need to work together to earn crystals which amount to all important seconds in the finale. The grand finale is to enter the Crystal Dome where you will be put to the test to get as many gold tickets as possible… but be careful as some surprises in there can deduct points.



Inspired by the BBC TV Show Traitors comes Betrayers! A game of strategy and suspense where you must identify the Betrayers among you. Take part in various games and challenges designed to help you get to know your teams and test problem solving skills. Teams will participate in round table discussions to eliminate the ones they believe to be a Betrayer. Will you be a Betrayer or a Faithful?

Betrayers Logo Team Building Experiences

The Office Games 


It’s showtime! You can have some fun with the team by bringing the glitz & glamour of TV to your office or venue with our exclusive game show experience. With activities such as: 

  • Think Fast: 5 seconds to name 5 things to get your pulse racing.  
  • Win It In A Minute: a series of Taskmaster-style challenges to get your mind rushing.  
  • Speed Quiz: The ultimate test of trivia and the chance to win some bubbly and more! 

So what better way to build connections than The Office Games company game show!

Scavenger Hunt 


Scavenger Hunts - Team Building in London, Birmingham and Oxford


Race against the clock and your colleagues as you compete in teams to complete this outdoor activity. Follow the clues and complete challenges as you lead your team to the right destinations to help save Dexter the Dog. Only the right combinations can free him. Can you and your team solve the puzzle?

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Summer parties offer an incredible opportunity to rejuvenate your team and build stronger bonds. By exploring unique and engaging summer party ideas, you can create an unforgettable experience for your team.

So get ready to soak up the sun, have fun, and create unforgettable summer memories!