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Energising Team Building Events with CTG Group: a Case Study

CTG Group Case Study - Events Team in Edinburgh

At Team Building Experiences, we believe memorable team-building events can transform corporate gatherings into unforgettable experiences. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Brad Solomon from the CTG Group, and we’re excited to share their story with you.

The Brief

Brad approached us with a unique challenge. Brad was tasked with running a 4-day program for two groups of 75 graduates in Edinburgh. They needed an engaging and energising team-building event to kick off each program. Brad was drawn to Team Building Experiences with no preconceived ideas or concerns based on our excellent communication and the instant rapport he felt during our discussions.

Why The Office Games?

The office games

Several factors drove Brad to choose Office Games for his events. He was drawn to the idea of bringing the excitement of a real TV gameshow to his group, offering a break from the usual routines. This unique concept aligned perfectly with the goal of creating a memorable and engaging kick-off for their program.

The variety of rounds in the Office Games, inspired by iconic TV shows like Countdown, Family Fortunes, and Taskmaster, promised a fun and diverse experience. Brad knew this would cater to his group’s broad range of preferences, ensuring everyone would find something to enjoy and participate in.

Moreover, the presence of a professional gameshow host added an element of entertainment and guidance, making it easy for Brad and his team to immerse themselves in the world of game shows without any logistical hassles.

Event Preparation

With our primary operations based in Oxfordshire, organizing an event in Edinburgh posed some logistical challenges. We had to ensure a smooth transition, including establishing a team presence in Edinburgh for at least two days. This involved arranging accommodations, preparing vehicles for travel, securing a charismatic host, and booking the necessary event equipment.

Fortunately, our planning process went off without a hitch, and we were fortunate to have enthusiastic volunteers eager to journey to Edinburgh, even with hopes of enjoying some sightseeing during their free time!


CTG Group Case Study - Team Building Events in Edinburgh

Meeting Expectations

Brad’s big question was whether our team-building event would meet his high expectations. Both days exceeded his expectations. Brad’s groups were instantly engaged and committed to participating in every aspect of the event. The team’s energy levels were through the roof from the very beginning.

Among the standout moments, the tissue-tossing game stole the show. This game, along with others, was a popular favourite and perfectly aligned with the event’s purpose—creating a high-energy, team-building atmosphere.

Post-Event Impact

While this was the first time Brad’s group had come together, the Office Games event served as an ideal icebreaker. It brought participants closer and laid the foundation for seamless collaboration over the following days.

The event’s success was evident not only in Brad’s satisfaction but also in the positive feedback from the group. It proved to be inclusive and engaging and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The CTG Group and Brad were thrilled with the outcomes, reinforcing the notion that our team-building events are designed to build and maintain positive relationships.

Brad Solomon and the CTG Group’s experience with Team Building Experiences and our Office Games event is a testament to the transformative power of effective team-building activities.

If you want to kickstart your corporate gatherings with energy, enthusiasm, and unforgettable moments, Team Building Experiences can help.

Stay tuned for more success stories and exciting team-building adventures with Team Building Experiences.