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Bring the nostalgia to your away days this season! Remember when you said you miss the good old days? Well with our event, you can make that dream become reality, AND enjoy it with your colleagues!


Mobile – Nationwide


2.5-3 hours


10-250+ people


Hosted by your very own Headmaster (don’t worry, he’s not as scary as you remember!), teams will begin their day by being given their timetables. It really is like your first day back after the summer holidays!

Teams will be awarded with reward stickers depending on how well they do in each subject. Subjects on the day may include:

History – Teams solve one of our medieval puzzles such as assembling a real suit of armour whilst blindfolded.

Maths – Teams get their heads together to solve our giant maths puzzle.

Science – Teams complete a challenge whilst wearing inversion goggles that make everything look upside down.

English – Teams use the binoculars in order to read and decipher the Morse code story.

PE – Teams co-ordinate their movements to launch the life-size dummy high jumper over the bar!

Play Time – Teams compete in space hopper football match.

Cycling Proficiency Test (indoor or outdoor on concrete) – Teams complete an obstacle course on miniature bikes!

School Sports Day – Teams compete in school race favourites such as the sack race and egg and spoon race.

Along the way through the activity, you will also be given the chance to earn bonus points,  by completing a homework diaries filled to the brim with puzzles. At the end of the activity, teams will be brought together for a group assembly and the team with the most house points will be declared the winners!

You may also enjoy our Outdoor Office Olympics or Sun and Games activities!

Optional Upgrades (Please state these in your enquiry comments):

  • Venue Finding Needed – POA
  • Meeting Room – Before/After the Event – POA
  • Accomodation – POA
  • Refreshments – POA

What are the benefits of this experience?

  • Morale Boosting and fun!
  • Communication
  • Co-ordination
  • Creativity
  • Healthy competition
  • Leadership
  • Logical problem solving
  • Sense of achievement
  • Strategy
  • Social interaction
  • Tactical Thinking
  • Time Management

Space / Venue Requirements

  • We will require 2 hours to set up the event
  • We will need a non-grassed area (for example, concrete) for the mini bikes
  • Power and Parking will need to be provided at the venue

Included in the Experience

  • Costumed event host
  • Event manager and team building instructors
  • All activity equipment
  • PA system and music
  • 4.5m x 3m Gala Tent
  • Fun prizes
  • £5 Million Public Liability insurance

Important Information

  • Outdoor only experience
  • 5-8 people per team is suggested (we can host 40 teams maximum)
  • There will need to be an even number of teams
  • We will need approx. 2 hours to set up

Booking and Cancellation Terms

Full payment is required upon booking. If you then choose to cancel your event, your entitlement to a refund depends on the amount of notice you give us.

More than 52 weeks 100%
From 13 up to and including 52 weeks 75%
From 43 days up to and including 12 weeks 50%
From zero business days up to and including 42 business days 0% (no refund of Charges)

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