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Top 5 January Team Building Activities for 2023

January Team Building

Are you wondering what winter team building activities there are to help boost morale? The month of January is known to be the ‘most depressing month of the year’. Especially as the days are cold and short. Taking part in team-building activities with your employees makes them feel more valued, motivated and closer together. By introducing your employees to January team building activities it can help your team stay motivated during the winter months. This allows them to perform better in the workplace and helps differentiate from competitors and allows internal and external engagement within your organization. 

The Office Games 

The Office Games

Have you ever wanted to take part in a Game Show? The Office Games is a great team building event and is great to take part in or watch people play! With numerical and physical games, it really gets your teams thinking caps on and hearts racing. You will definitely want to bring a camera with you to this as the pictures look great around the office! You can take part in games including Think Fast: Win It In A Minute: Speed Quiz and even win prizes and some bubbly if you’re lucky! This event guarantees plenty of laughs for the day which with your camera you can take back into the office. 


January Team Building Activities 2023

That’s not the only team building games for adults that can get your employees thinking and closer together while having fun! 

Qubed will also get your teams heart racing as you will have to fully trust your collogues… as some of them may be blindfolded! So be careful not to do any silly poses behind their backs! Your team will be tested in memory challenges to earn points. Once the team challenges are over the individual challenges commence. You can thrive and make this event your own or you can crash and take everyone down with you. Which will it be? 

Secret Service Escape Game 

January Team Building Activities 2023

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Then The Secret Service Escape Game is the game for you and your team. Your workplace has just been shut down due to a leak in sensitive information and your team is the best hope of cracking the safe. If you do not crack the safe before the opposing teams or the clock, then face the danger of your colleagues bragging about beating you and your team in the office! Be shunned to a life of misery or rise to the top and see if you really are spy worthy. This game is a great corporate team building activity. 

Live Murder Mystery 

January Team Building Activities 2023

We all love a mystery and the satisfaction of solving the unsolvable. Why not have a look at our Murder Mysteries game? You can enjoy this entertainment over dinner…or the mystery may even be your dinner!  

Enjoy the indoor team building activity no need to worry about wrapping up warm as you may be wrapping something else up! No one is safe during this game!  The person next to you could be the murderer and not even know it…or you could be the murderer! What better way to start the year than with a bang! 

Level Up Challenge

January Team Building Activities 2023

If you’re looking for a team building activity for January then no need to worry. We have our Level Up Challenge. the tasks are shown on a mobile device so this game is perfect either live, virtually or as a hybrid activity if you have a mix of people in the office and working remote. The tasks are simple. Score as many points as possible in the time given. But there’s a catch… The games get more complex as you get higher through the levels; but you can also score more points as the levels get harder. 


So, now you know how to beat the January depression with some great Indoor January Team Building Activities. Which one will you choose?