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Smoothie Making

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Looking for that wellbeing kick in your team building day? Why not teach your team to make some healthy alternatives to the usual cocktail making classes? 


Mobile – Nationwide


Approx. 75 minutes


10+ people


In our smoothie making activity, you will be creating smoothies, and healthy mocktails using fully natural ingredients, and healthier alternatives to sugar.

You’ll be brought up to our mobile smoothie bar and be taught how to combine all sorts of different flavours, to create some delicious, and nutritious drinks to enjoy. Our fabulous bartenders will show your group all the skills and techniques they use to create the perfect blend. Teams will go head-to-head during the activity to compete in some smoothie based challenges. Whether it be testing your skills and great flavours that will be put together, or whether you’ll be asked a trick question!

This healthy twist on cocktail making is great fun and fantastic for groups who want to upskill, whilst also focussing on wellness and wellbeing.  In addition to learning all sorts of blending and mixing techniques, you’ll also sweeten the smoothies using more body-friendly substitutes like honey and green leaf sugar. Discover how to make simple ingredients pop by adding flavour enhancers like ginger. Our bartenders know all the tips and tricks, and are ready to begin sharing these with you!

You get out what you put in. If it’s good stuff, you’re onto a winner. This smoothie making workshop focuses on making healthy drinks that look as good as they taste. Presentation and skill are the key elements to this activity!

Not only are you zooming into wellness and wellbeing, you’ll also be working on your time-management skills, collaboration with other teammates, and creativity’! Perfect if you want to get those juices flowing! We can also work with any kinds of dietary requirements too, just let us know!

Give your events a health kick with our smoothie making experience. It’s also a perfect combination with many other indoor events! Why not pair it with our most popular indoor experience, and have the ultimate fun, with our Outdoor Office Olympics?

Space / Venue Requirements

  • PA system will be required for larger groups (40+ people)
  • Power will be needed at each table (for our smoothie blenders)
  • Each team will need a round, 5/6ft round table – no chairs required

Included in the Experience

  • Main event coordinator
  • Learning and wellbeing experience
  • All equipment provided (blenders and ingredients)
  • Pre-event planning

Important Information

  • Indoor-only experience – if you want to go outside, this can work well if you create smoothies indoors, and go outside to enjoy them on a terrace area/summer garden party area.
  • Branding can be added on at an additional cost – cups can have company logos, however, we will need at least 4 weeks lead time for this (season dependant)
  • Team sizes will be between 4-10 people

Booking and Cancellation Terms

Full payment is required upon booking. If you then choose to cancel your event, your entitlement to a refund depends on the amount of notice you give us.

  • More than 52 weeks 100%
  • From 13 up to and including 52 weeks 75%
  • From 43 days up to and including 12 weeks 50%
  • From zero business days up to and including 42 business days 0% (no refund of Charges)
Smoothie Making

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How far in advance do we need to book this activity?

To put it simply, as far in advance as possible. We do have a limited number of set-ups meaning we can only perform so many each day in each location. Get in touch as soon as you are ready to book!

Where can this be delivered to?

Anywhere within the UK! We just factor in our travel and logistical costs (accommodation, congestion, staff charges etc.) and we can be at your venue ready to begin the activity.

What kind of team building day is smoothie making good for?

This can fit really well into most events. In particular, wellness days, and summer parties.