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Puttshack – Mini Golf Experience

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Who wouldn't want to enjoy time with the team, with a great, fun experience, in one of our London venues?


London – Bank, White City, Lakeside, and Watford


From £50pp+VAT plus 15% service charge


From 60 minutes




Our experience reimagines mini golf in a fun, new way. We’ve up-scaled with tech infused at every mini golf station. We rely on ground-breaking technology to elevate the game, meaning there’s no paper to keep score and no way of cheating either! Our balls have a tracking system inside them, and you can earn (or lose) points based on how you play. We’re really racking up the competition! This isn’t just a new way to play mini golf, it’s the only way.

We`re also all about serving up a globally inspired food menu and offer a full bar service in a seriously cool environment- you won’t want to leave! This experience is really all about having fun – and doing something fun – together. What better way to do this than a slightly competitive game of mini golf?

We have London-based venues, so the choice really is yours! Choose from Lakeside, Watford, and more!

Hints and Tips:

  • Within each mini golf course, we have what we call ‘supertubes’. Aim sharp for these, as these are here to help you get ahead in the game with extra points and a high chance of scoring a hole in one.
  • Bonus points! This is what we like to see! If you want to get ahead of the game, or you’re falling behind, take on this tactic. Play smart and look out for ways to earn sneaky bonus points in each game.
  • Be wary of hazard traps… it wouldn’t be fun without an element of risk. Watch out for our hazard traps and ensure you don’t lost the points you’ve just gathered!
  • There are prizes to win! Say whaaat?! With our unique prize wheel, you have the chance to win free drinks, games, exclusive merch and more with every game.

Optional Upgrades (Please state these in your enquiry comments):

  • Full Venue Hire – POA
  • Bubbles Reception – £10pp+VAT plus 15% service charge
  • Cocktail Reception – £12pp+VAT plus 15% service charge
  • 1 more house wine, bubbles, or beer – £7.50pp+VAT plus 15% service charge

What are the benefits of this experience?

  • Morale Boosting
  • Planning your strategy

Included in the Experience

  • 1 Tech-infused mini golf game (9 holes in total)
  • Fun, unique venue in London
  • 1 drink of house wine, beer, or bubbles
  • One portion of food – please see FAQ’s for what’s involved

Important Information

  • A 15% service charge will be added onto your total price.

Booking and Cancellation Terms

Full payment is required upon booking. If you then choose to cancel your event, your entitlement to a refund depends on the amount of notice you give us.

  • More than 52 weeks 100%
  • From 13 up to and including 52 weeks 75%
  • From 43 days up to and including 12 weeks 50%
  • From zero business days up to and including 42 business days 0% (no refund of Charges)
Puttshack – Mini Golf Experience

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What is Mini Golf?

Mini Golf is a fun version of Golf which focuses more on putting rather than long drives! It tends to have different obstacles for you to try and putt your way round, over or through!

How many holes are there in a game?

There are 9 holes in each game.

How long does Mini Golf take?

It all really depends on how good you are, and if you blast through with holes in one at each course! We estimate approximately 30 minutes each. If the course is busy, this could also affect the speed in which you get round!

Can I drink while I play?

Yes! Our courses have tables to place drinks at each hole!

What drinks are included?

Wine – Blanco (12%), Rosso (12%), Rosé de Syrah (13%)

Bubbles – Prosecco Frizzante (11%)

Bottled Beer – Peroni (5%), Asahi (5.2%), Meantime Pale Ale (4.3%)

Can you accommodate dietary requirements?

Yes! We have options for those who are:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Nut-free
  • Gluten Free
  • Halal

If you have other requirements, do let us know as we will need to ask our colleagues to ensure there is something for you at the venue.

What food options are included in this package?

  • BBQ Cheeseburger Sliders – Chuck & short rib patty, BBQ sauce, American cheese, pickles, crispy shallots
  • Thai Chopped Salad – Rice noodles, red onion, cabbage, kale, spring onions, peppers and carrots, tossed in a Thai peanut dressing with crispy fried kale, puffed noodles and chopped peanuts
  • Queen Margherita Flatbread Pizza – 18-hour slow fermented sourdough, Neapolitan pizza sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil
  • Pepperoni Buzz Flatbread Pizza – 18-hour slow fermented sourdough, Neapolitan pizza sauce, mozzarella, Italian pepperoni, hot honey drizzle
  • House Seasoned Fries

Other dietary options available – just let us know what you require!