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Can't See Your City?

Fear not! We have a wide range of mobile experiences that can be delivered across the nation. If you can’t see your location listed, just drop us a message and we’ll let you know what activities are available to you.

Although the locations listed above are all within the UK, we can easily deliver a selection of our activities across the pond! If you are thinking about hosting an event in a major European city, such as Paris, Berlin or Lisbon – get in touch today to find out your options.


Venue finding

Know what activity you want but have no idea where to hold it? Team Building Experiences can certainly help with that. Using our brilliant in-house venue finding service, we can help you find the perfect venue to meet your event requirements.

We’ve worked with hundreds of venues (both indoor and outdoor) over the years, so take advantage of our knowledge and let us help you find the ideal location, stress free.


Is your event online?

Virtual events are a great way to bring your team together for a lower cost, especially for those teams spread out across the globe. Online events have become commonplace in recent years and so, we now offer more virtual events than ever before. Find our complete catalogue of virtual activities here.

We can host events on a variety of platforms but there are some limitations; if your company exclusively uses a specific platform then let us know so we can make reccomendations.