Part Three: Creating our VR experience

June 1 2020

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Shizzoo LTD is an events and entertainment start up that is being launched in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

This is my blog of our experience setting up and launching a company into the events market during this incredibly difficult time. Since my last blog its now week 11 of lock down, as we move into June 2020 restrictions are ever so slowly starting to lift. Its now likely that we will be unable to launch in July 2020 but we will see what updates the month of June brings us.

Woman Wearing Face Mask Covid-19

This month I have been focussing solely on the development of our flagship VR team building competition experience.

Our VR headsets that we purchased in March finally arrived in mid May. The headsets were delayed due to the shortage of tech available as a result of supply issues as nations locked there citizens down and people looked for entertainment to keep themselves busy.

I have had a few weeks testing experiences and games and I am sure that this product is going to wow our customers. I want customers to experience and capture the magic of an immersive VR experience while still involving everyone in the room.

VR Team Building

I set about creating an experience that will provide our guests with lasting memories.

After selecting a few games and experiences that I believed would be an ideal fit for our event I invivited some of the Red Cactus team into the office for a few hours for a brainstroming / first run through of the event for my first case study.

After two hours I can say hands down its one of the funniest and best experiences we have had as a group – and we have been on a lot of FAM (familiarisation) trips. The feedback after every game and experience was ‘wow’ and ‘this is incredible’. I new we were on to something and following a very constructive brainstorming session the ideas came thick and fast.

After the first run through the next stage was to set about creating an event schedule that would provide a standardised event procedure for event hosts to follow from training through to event delivery. I spent a large amount of time overcoming potential issues and providing tweaks to the original structure that included props and accessories that would enhance the experience.

I booked a photographer and videographer for a date in August 2020 for our showcase event. We needed fantastic promotional material ready to show potential customers why they should trust us to deliver a great experience to their team. I set up an event to be provided to a company that we have a great affiliation with to produce the material so the experience recorded will be a real life example of what our clients could experience.

Shizzoo Videographer

As stated in my last blog quality is very important so every aspect of the event will be covered in great detail. In the meantime between now and our showcase event I would need to solve equipment storage, managing and maintaing the equipment, event checklists, commercial licences, risk assessments and how to run the event in a Covid-19 safe environment.

In the next blog I be discussing how the launch of our website Team Building Experiences has gone and what we hope to achieve through launching our events platform for Oxfordshire.