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Top 5 Corporate Summer Party Ideas 2023

November 30 2022

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Struggling with some corporate summer party ideas for work? Here are some ideas for you and your team over the summer period to help get to know each other…Or this is a great excuse to show your competitive side or even shoot your colleagues (with Nerf guns of course!) 

  1. The Office Games 

It’s showtime! You can have some fun with the team by bringing the glitz & glamour of TV to your office or venue with our exclusive game show experience. With activities such as: 

  • Think Fast: 5 seconds to name 5 things to get your pulse racing.  
  • Win It In A Minute: a series of Taskmaster-style challenges to get your mind rushing.  
  • Speed Quiz: The ultimate test of trivia and the chance to win some bubbly and more! 

 Do you have what it takes to win?  

The office Games Team Building

2. Corporate Sports Day 

Want to bring out your inner child? Here’s another idea for a Corporate Summer Party Idea. Remember the good old days of your School Sports Day? The fun, the competitiveness, and the glory! Want to re-live those days with your very own corporate sports day? Don’t we all! Winning medals and finishing a race without grumpy 7-year-olds. What a dream! We have all the classic races that you’ll remember.  

  • The glorious Egg And Spoon Race. 
  • The famous Sack Race.  
  • The Enormous Giant Sausage Race. Watch with laughter as your colleagues try and move a giant sausage in sync! 

Sports Day Team Building

3. Crystal Challenge 

Test your team’s mental agility and physical skills to win The Crystal Challenge, inspired by the hit 90’s TV show! With many challenges testing you and your team with teamwork at the heart. The grand finale is to enter the Crystal dome where you will be put to the test to get as many gold tickets as possible… but be careful as some surprises in there can deduct points.  

Does your team have what it takes? 

Crystal Challenge Team Building

4. Outdoor Office Olympics

This is a great way to get your heart rate up and engage with your co-workers! You get to experience many great games such as:

  • Football Dartboards
  • Wrestling (with sumo suits)
  • Track Races
  • Javelin
  • Archery
  • And so much more!

The teams will alternate between diverse outdoor pursuits, aiming to accumulate as many colored rings as possible. It’s the perfect opportunity to unite your team and soak up the sun! There’s no superior way to bond with your colleagues than participating in The Outdoor Office Olympics! So make sure to get lots of great pictures and get ready to endure The Office Olympics.


5. Scavenger Hunt

Race against the clock and your colleagues as you compete in teams to complete these summer Team Building activities. You will need to be good at self-awareness as you will need to lead your team to the right destinations to help save Dexter the Dog. Only the right combinations can free him. Can you and your team solve the puzzle?  

Scavenger Hunt Team Building

Isn’t summer what the whole year is about? The beautiful weather, beach days… and seeing your coworkers doing silly activities.

This is why Summer Parties and Summer 2023 will of course be no different. Businesses showcasing their appreciation for their employee’s hard work and dedication…By doing Childish tasks such as The Egg And Spoon Race, Sack Race, and more.

There is no better time to get your employees together, we’ve selected our best picks for your Corporate Summer Party so you are all set.