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Summer Party Ideas for 2023

March 11 2022

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Summer is nearly here, which means it’s time to soak up some sun with your team! Nobody wants to stay indoors any longer and teams need to be together this year, that’s why we’re here to help you create the ultimate summer party. Below, we have provided our top Summer Party Ideas for teams!

In-person Summer Party Ideas for 2023

1. Urban Axe Throwing

Okay… hear us out. It’s not dangerous like you think it is. Before we move onto the next activity, you should probably stay sober for this one. We’ve taken axe throwing out of the woodland and brought it into the city, where you can spend just over an hour before moving onto one of our other activities (trust me, we have lots in store!)


2. Outdoor Office Olympics

With our Outdoor Office Olympics, you no longer have to wait four years for the Olympics to come around! This event comes to you, provide an Olympics themed event and creates an Olympic atmosphere for you and your team.


Outdoor Office Olympics

With popular track and field events such as Javelin, Wrestling (in sumo suits!), Archery and more. Compete to earn Olympic coloured rings in this fantastic team sports event.

3. Electric Shuffleboard Experience

We’ve supercharged the traditional game of shuffleboard, developing unparalleled vision technology which identifies the exact location of the pucks on the table, automatically scores and seamlessly guides players through our unique games via an interactive game screen. And, it’s all set against a thrilling backdrop, guaranteeing a social experience like no other. Its simply Shuffleboard reimagined, with a super modern twist.

summer party ideas

4. GPS Treasure Hunt

If your team is more of an adventurous lot, then our GPS Treasure Hunt will be perfect for you! Using the latest iPad technology and specifically created themed apps, teams must keep their wits about them to move from location to location, guided by the mapping technology. Do you stay put and plan for a while or go gung-ho and head out straight away? Different teams take different strategies, which always proves for interesting results.

summer party ideas

5. School Sports Day

Our school sports day team building event is sure to bring out your inner child! It’s a blast from the past activity, which everyone can really enjoy and get stuck into. We guarantee it will really have your team in stitches all the way to the headmaster’s office, just don’t forget your kit otherwise you might find yourself in detention!

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Virtual Summer Party Ideas for 2022

So, we get it. You might not want to bring Covid back anytime soon. But that’s okay! It doesn’t mean that’s an excuse not to party! That’s right. We have loads of options for you (see here), but we’ve also got a list together for our top 5!

1. The Big Virtual Gameshow

The Big Virtual Game Show is an exciting, interactive team building event to keep your colleagues and teams entertained. The event offers innovative and unique games taking inspiration from popular 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s TV Game Shows. You can check out our promo video for this experience here!

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2.Virtual Around The World Challenge

Travel around the world virtually and earn travel credits as you compete in various challenges. This is an interactive task and trivia activity which enables teams to put their collaborative skills and creativity to the test. Starting in Argentina, teams will have to earn travel credits as they go, using photo and video to demonstrate participation. A lot of fun and something very different if you’re hosting a virtual team building event!

Virtual Around The World Challenge

3. Virtual Beatz N Bingo

Beatz N’ Bingo doesn’t work with numbers, it works with songs but more specifically, ABSOLUTE BANGERS! Yes, you heard right, we’ll be playing some of the very best tunes *cue Abba’s Dancing Queen* and giving away some the very best prizes. You could be in for a chance to win one of the special giveaways of the night, including tasty treats and bottles of bubbly worth £10 and more!

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4. Virtual Bespoke Comedy Show

Choose your favourite chair, sit back, relax, pour a drink, all you have to do is LOL! The bespoke comedy show has all tech provided, private Zoom Meeting link is sent in advance, intro and outro with music and host, plus four performances from professional and hand picked stand up comedians live from their homes to yours!

5. Taskforce Virtual Escape Room

In this Online Escape Room, you are a member of the CIA. You were recently assigned a mission to find and stop the most dangerous assassin alive, ‘The Gamer’. Considered one of the top assassins in the world, he’s never failed to carry out any of his assignments and won’t think twice of disposing of those who attempt to catch him.

If our Summer Party Ideas list doesn’t quite match your tastes and needs, you can see our Summer Parties page here for more activities! Whether you’re hosting a Corporate Summer Party, Corporate Away Day or simply a Summer Social for your team, we’re certain we can help with any event you require!