Personal Development Workshop – Psychological Artistry

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Come and join us for an exciting, entertaining, and enlightening look into magic, mentalism and mystery.


£45pp+VAT plus an additional £100+VAT event facilitation fee


120 minutes




Our personal development workshop will give you the skills and tools to help you understand your own and other’s psychology. Expect to boost your confidence, increase sales, see things from unique perspectives, and learn fascinating new concepts.

This workshop has been designed and developed by Alex and George – a pair of professional trainers, performers and Psychological Artists. They’ve been described as having amazing passion and knowledge, being funny and incredibly talented.

Psychological Artistry is an umbrella term that describes the tools, techniques and tricks we use to create the experience of the impossible. This often involves mixing psychology, magic, mentalism, showmanship, art, storytelling, neuroscience, cognitive fitness and more to create the illusion of magical events.

Psychological Artistry gets its power from using illusions, magic, mentalism and mystery to help you get your message across in an engaging, entertaining and enlightening way. Magic is inherently interesting and unique for most people – by its very nature, it gets people thinking and trying to work out how the tricks are accomplished.

Our need to work out how this is done often leads people to think more critically and creatively, and encourages people to explore, examine and improve on the way they think, act and behave. By doing this, we help people become more aware of and sensitive to their new potential.

This way, what we share with you is a set of tools that are practical, personal and perfect for enhancing what you’re doing now.

What Will My Team Achieve?

The personal development workshop is packed full of real-world techniques. All backed up by decades of our own academic research and models. By tapping into these practical resources, you can find ways of:

  • Adding sparks of interest to coaching, presenting, and training
  • Enhancing social media and marketing strategies
  • Learning Attention Grabbers that instantly hold people’s fascination
  • Building confidence, clarity, and self-esteem
  • Expanding material for pitches, presentations, and human connection
  • Becoming more memorable and exploring new possibilities
  • Tapping into people’s curiosity for magic and mystery
  • Increasing Delivery Vocabulary and the range of ideas you pull on
  • Developing new and fascinating metaphors
  • Enhancing your brand, your services and your own reputation


Included in the Experience

  • Full online virtual workshop
  • Can be delivered using Zoom or other platforms
  • Full pre event support & planning
  • Learn new skills and practical tools to help you excel

Important Information

  • When appropriate, physical materials will be sent out ahead of the session (needs at least 7 working days notice – but still can be run without). This depends on scale and scope of event required.
  • Please ensure that you are in a well lit area and all people watching can be seen on your or their computer(s)/phone(s)
  • Participants will also receive digital follow up package including slides, reading lists, printouts etc.

Booking and Cancellation Terms

A non refundable 25% deposit is required on booking, the remaining balance is required at least 35 days in advance of the experience.

Our cancellation period covers up until 35 days prior to your event. At this stage you can cancel your event but you will lose your deposit.

Any cancellations made within 35 days of your event are non-refundable.

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